Arduino - Temperature Displayed on 4 Digit 7 segment (common anode)

Visit my website for all the code:

Parts required:
1x Arduino Uno
1x Temperature Sensor (I'm using the LM335Z)
1x 4 Digit 7 Segment Display (common anode)
1x 74HC595 8 Bit Shift Register
8x 220 Ohm Resistors
1x 4700 ohm Resistor
1x Breadboard (or two)
Jumper Cables

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Author Rui Santos (1 year)
you can find the code and schematics for free here:
This was a really quick project I've made recently, a simple 4 digit 7
segment common anode that displays the room temperature, also you can check
the circuit in action

Author Daniel Manzano (7 months)
I just did the same thing but i only used two displays and decoders :) 

Author Thom van Damme (6 months)
you really help me a lot in understanding to program the arduino.
thank you!

Author indigobullet84 (1 month)
Hai, what led you use. It is so bright and I'm looking for that kind.
Please tell what is the name and where to get that display.

Author TechnologyInANutshell (1 year)
hey can you make a video on how to make a robot with arduino

Author Ameen al-obadi (1 year)
good work i have a problem and i hope you help me , in the Schematics i
cant understand which pin linked with resistors withe 7 segment 4 digit
display and do you use this 7 segment 4 digit (6 pins in the right hand
side and 6 pins in the left hand side )

Author Rui Santos (10 months)
Thanks for commenting! I've used Adobe After Effects to create that intro.
And then created this video using Sony Vegas. If you have any more
questions let me know!

Author THUNDERBOLT (10 months)
what program did you make your intro with?

Author THUNDERBOLT (9 months)
nice! cool

Author Rui Santos (10 months)
I'm definitely willing to help you! What you want to know exactly? Please
go to my forum and submit your question: randomnerdtutorials. com/forum
(simply remove that space)

Author Rui Santos (1 year)
I'm working to do that ! but It will take sometime because I must finish
others projects first, make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel or my
website newsletter and You will be notified later!

Author Rui Santos (10 months)
what you exactly want to know? I'm definitely willing to help you! Just go
to my website and post your question! randomnerdtutorials. com/forum

Author Rui Santos (1 year)
In the schematics above if you check them carefully it’s something like
that top pins: 12 – 11(R) -10 (R)- 9 – 8 – 7(R) 1(R) – 2(R) – 3(R) – 4(R) –
5(R) – 6 - I hope this helps you!

Author Bonga mbose (10 months)
I dont even properly understand the basic pins of seven segment display, is
there anyone who is willing to help me?.

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