1948 Diamond-T 404 with Detroit diesel!

48 diamond t 404 with Detroit diesel jakes rt-6610 & 3speed aux.

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Author matt m (5 months)
wow that truck is nice!

Author Zachary Vigeant (3 months)
Love those diamond t's they look amazing 

Author Marcos Roberto (3 months)
nice truck

Author art carney (3 months)
thats SICK right

Author Turbo Grafx (6 months)
drive drive drive drive the beast!!

Author kingo fassholes (7 months)

Author Cordel Posch (6 months)
is this the one that had the runaway

Author Marlon Thomas (7 months)
Such a cool lookin' toy!

Author BuckeyeGunny (10 months)
That, Sir, is FANTASTIC! 

Author ironheadsoreknee (8 months)
sick!! when i get big i will have one of those awesome truck

Author Brian Tucker (9 months)
F'IN s w e e t !!!

Author rob williams (9 months)
that one hot rig

Author Levi German (11 months)
Check out The curly wolf - thanks for leaving video. This truck is in it
and its a badass song! So check it out and like it friends

Author theblackmech (6 months)
is this the T you drove in the other vid?

Author Levi German (11 months)
Check out The curly wolf - thanks for leaving video. This truck is in it
and its a badass song! So check it out and like it friends

Author Levi German (11 months)
Im straight up inspired to build one of these diamond-t trucks now. Dam Reo
made a good looking truck and the Detroit makes it sound eerie as hell and
mean. Love those 2strokes!

Author Levi German (11 months)
Im straight up inspired to build one of these diamond-t trucks now. Dam Reo
made a good looking truck and the Detroit makes it sound eerie as hell and
mean. Love those 2strokes!

Author Levi German (1 year)
Is that your truck on the curly wolf- thanks for leaving video? Looks just
like it

Author lemoose1000 (1 year)
Bad azz truck buck! Just got a 47 and thinking about putting in a first gen
cummins. Make some more videos of that bad boy. 

Author Canadasurvivor (1 year)
actually it says "you talkin to me"

Author 801Cummins (2 years)
I think I'm in love!

Author tomshiba51 (2 years)
Old trucks- strong survivors.

Author haley744 (2 years)
i really want to see more of this beast

Author HighTQCummins (2 years)
can i have it? please?

Author espeescotty (2 years)
That's a damn sexy truck, but please do another full screen video for all
of us!

Author johndeerespfh (1 year)

Author Collin Mayo (1 year)
That beast is clean and mean!

Author Kevin Locklin (2 years)
cool man

Author Troy Chapel (2 years)

Author Clarkehighwheeler (2 years)
FINE SCREAMER ! cheers Clarke .

Author badassrat3 (1 year)
thats one nice looking truck Im a Diamond T FAN

Author Possum Living (1 year)
No way! I'll take a 453T over any modern aluminum-head electronically
controlled engine.

Author mc68327 (2 years)
Love it.... Came out awesome..

Author thegreatkingdaniel (2 years)
Freakin' incredible. I want both of your trucks now. :P

Author mathue taxion (2 years)
Nice to see this truck completed. Looks great! I last passed by here when
you had had that runaway.

Author NIGHTRIDER995 (2 years)
never thought i'd find love,"truck"......god dammnit buck your my hero!!!!!

Author gripking131313 (2 years)
too bad ass

Author bob tanner (1 year)
I want it. Is it for sale?

Author ClassicCountryBoy1 (2 years)
say thing for me! saw the runaway, then the completed truck

Author Dynamo Joe (2 years)
FFSakes Buck, do you ever know how to flick someone's "jealousy and lust"
switch. That's a beaut. Love the "shifting" videos. Wish you would get
something with a load on and get on a hill and show us your "downshift"
skills. heh heh...then we'll see you grind the gears.

Author Goingoutwest21 (2 years)
I think that this is one of the coolest trucks I have seen.

Author BigEnisBurdet (2 years)
Wow that is nice!

Author Rodrigo Santos Silva (1 year)
sem duvida é o caminhão mais bonito que eu já vi . podera eu velo

Author Phillip Sansone (2 years)
i totally agree thats one awesome trucks! i want one really bad now

Author e schmidt (2 years)
This thing has turned out amazing!!!

Author straightpipesrule (2 years)
That turned out so sweet! I'm so jealous

Author Slackerjr92 (2 years)
We need a another video of this beauty.

Author angels814ever (1 year)
if for me I forgot to leave my #...612-201-9797

Author Aaron Cone (2 years)
That's one great looking Diamond T. The visor makes it look real Bad Ass!!!

Author alan morris (2 years)
if i had the money u sir would b building me a truck lol

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