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Author Good Vibrations (2 months)
Meditation Music. Long Version.

Author YouTube Sings (2 months)
I wonder if this helped anyone with their anger issues, because it didn't
help over 7,000 people.

Author mi bo hu tieu (3 months)
What is the first song? I like it so much. help me figure out?

Author Jolanta Mech (18 days)

Author erne (2 months)
Background Music Instrumentals
B-Sides N°1
enjoy one's time...
Background Music Instrumentals - relaxdaily - B-Sides N°1

#BackgroundMusic #Instrumentals #relaxdaily #Working #Studying #BGM

Author kidathlete (4 months)
2 hrs before the exam, going over my notes then I play this. It's the first
time I've smiled when thinking about this exam, rather than feel sick to my
stomach. I will get that first
I believe 

Author Ayesha Khanam (1 month)

Author mo do (2 months)
is it me who see 17:39 to 26:20 a stand alone piece of ART!! much better
than all the others, or is it just my taste?

Author Énigme du Futur (14 hours)
Je vous offre un grand moment de relaxation pour commencer le week-end, le
tout dernier du mois de Mai.
Je pense à vous.

Author Mosy Al (4 months)
Stop reading my comment right now! You are here to concentrate and do your
work GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOW! you are still reading it aren't you? don't
laugh, go do your work 

Author Natkamon Piangsoontorn (2 months)
สวัสดียามเช้าค่ะเพื่อนๆ ที่รัก สดชื่นแจ่มใส เดินทางปลอดภัย สนุกกับงาน
ผ่านพ้นทุกๆปัญหา สุขใจยิ้มๆทุกๆนาทีนะะะะ

Author Marie Girard (25 days)

Author fiona fu (2 months)
立即前往 YouTube 觀看這部影片:
Good morning !

Have a nice holiday!

Author Donny Montana (2 months)
I'll be the top comment one day

Author BELLA DIAZ (18 days)
Una muy Hermosa Melodia !
Excellente Entonacion de Sonidos .

Author Elzya Pache (13 days)
The first song is very nice, I like it so much.

Author ma onorato (4 months)
God's greatest gift to humanity is music!!

Author Bożena Jasek (1 month)
Kto czuje się zmęczony codziennością , proponuję wypoczynek przy takiej
muzyce :))

Author Dawne Abdul Al-Bari (7 days)
Relaxing ;->

Author Bjarne Jürgensen (3 months)
Good night from germany!

Author Jacky Tang (16 days)
what's the name of the first music?
it was amazing, i love it!

Author Galil Shammas (1 day)
" Father, Brother & Mother . Sepherd About Vulks & Nations
Dr.G.Jakob,Shammas 79.The World Event 2015.Mercy Year Of The Lord .Shalom ,
Salamu lakum U Asalamu Aleykum. IN Jesus Peace & Freedom. The Time Hes Come
.To Let It Ring .,, 

Author Moses Piano Music - SpiriTruth Worship (23 hours)
Good quality

Author Davis Tibbz (3 days)
Thanks a lot. Truly relaxing

Author Люба Кирилова (2 months)
this is the firs song i listen of relaxdaily and i think that this song
will never get old

Author Spacetime One 'O One (3 months)
I bid all a goodnight, we at Spacetime love you all.
Please enjoy your day wherever you may be.
Time truly is a primary essence and it must not be spent unwisely, though
one can learn to spend it wisely if spent unwisely.
We are all creating nonetheless.

Enjoy the calmness and listen to the two spheres play their music.
Music by: relaxdaily

Author Ashik ur Rahman (19 days)
i love the music ,thanks for this.

Author denis levesque (1 day)
où en esprit Amen G+

Author Etno Step (3 months)

Author Minni Nutalapati (4 months)
Who's listening to this in 2015?

Author Dr. Mario (2 months)
Fuck math. This mega advanced bullshit won't get me anywhere in life. It
just makes me depressed, suicidal and takes me away from the things I
actually enjoy doing and am good at.

Author عبود حكمي (9 days)
It's relaxing and going to another country

Author Otaku Luna #1 (3 days)
ahhh yes this is what i need after my finals from school drinking tea on a
cloudy day

Author Svetlana Zablockaya (1 day)
Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

Author Tien Cam (15 hours)
Tiếng đàn cất lên như mang đến một làn gió mát dịu, thật hay. Giai điệu này
thật tha thiết và dễ dàng đi vào lòng người nghe. Cảm ơn tác giả. S2

Author udip21 (1 day)
Hey did you know that they play your music on Oman Air? I am just about to
take off and hear this. 

Author delclitte marie (1 month)

Author Marie francoise Mestry (3 days)

Author Sveta Stošić (2 months)
Za uspavljivanje

Author Stephan Roth (1 day)
Musik zum träumen, entspannen und dahinschmelzen................seufz!

Author Emilyanne Atkinson (2 months)
This music is like a tranquilizer dart for your eardrums.

Author Siti Afifah (5 days)

Author Julia S (3 days)
So nice :'( *~*

Author Rosa Púrpura (3 months)
Al escuchar esta melodía, en mi soledad, piento que no estoy totalmente
sola y creo que alguien está en algún lugar pensando en mí... 

Author LIFETOVER (2 months)
what's the name of the first track? PLEASE

Author pibo -maria-margareta (3 months)

Author Ivril Trisanthi (4 days)
i like it so much

Author Tuguldur Tulga (14 hours)
Relaxing of mind

Author Andréa Dias (3 days)

Author anton chernov (5 days)
Как мне хорошо. Спасибо успокоил меня. Завтра приедет жена из
Венгрии, наша машина истекает маслом после поездки по новой дороге. Теперь
я знаю, как ее успокоить и слушать эту очеровательную музыку.

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