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Relaxdaily's background music instrumentals; slow, peaceful, atmospheric music that can be used as a soundtrack for multiple activities. Download: Depending on your interrest you might use my music in your relaxation music playlist, as yoga music or as meditation music (I know, this is not the ordianary music for meditation, but it works for many people). You might also use it as music whily you're studying, doing homework, working (mentally, creatively), reading, writing, while thinking or reflecting, dreaming, reviewing, making future plans. Some use it as „sleep music" (though there might be better sleep music out there...). Call it chillout, ambient, New Age, instrumental, or background music -- this is not as much about a genre as it is about a feeling. A way of life. With the relaxdaily project, I try to take a little heat from our (generally) too busy lives. I try to deliver a soundtrack for you, when you feel the need for some positive, cooling, liberating tunes.

Hope you enjoy my music,
Michael (relaxdaily)

B-Sides N°1 is a collection of 32 tracks that I created during the first 6 months of this project.

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Excerpt from Wikipedia on ambient music:
...Beyond the major influence of Brian Eno, other musicians and bands added to the growing nucleus of music that evolved around the development of "Ambient Music". While not an exhaustive list, one cannot ignore the parallel influences of Wendy Carlos, who produced the original music piece called "Timesteps" which was then used as the filmscore to Clockwork Orange, as well as her later work Sonic Seasonings. Other significant artists such as Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis have all added to or directly influenced the evolution of ambient music. Adding to these individual artists, works by groups such as Pink Floyd, through their albums Ummagumma, Meddle and Obscured by Clouds. Other groups including Yes with their album Tales from Topographic Oceans, the Hafler Trio, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Can, and Kraftwerk have all added distinctive aspects to the growing and diversified genre of ambient music...

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mood music instrumental

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Author Mr Clean ( ago)
try playing it at the speed of 1.5 ..EPIC!

Author Nanda Excel ( ago)

Author Azora Knight ( ago)
This is really great music great job

Author SanAndreas091 ( ago)
can anyone telle me at what scale this song is?

Author maya mathura ( ago)
Background Music Instrumentals - relaxdaily - B-S…:

Author Yousif Ali ( ago)
great melodies!

Author Chelsea Heiddtrom ( ago)
Hehe i was listning to thus in school anf hummin it and evryone herd me

Author sassygirl a.deslate ( ago)
what is the title of the first melody? thank u

Author josef hashemi ( ago)
Chillt euch Leute !

Author xi ying ( ago)
relaxing and beautiful:)

Author Vedran Tandara ( ago)
You don't need to meditate to relax,you just need attain a peace of mind
which is created for a short amount of time by meditating.*To attain longer
peace you need to fix your minds complexes,to attain a peace that will last
a lifetime and enable you to see the true life you need to discover the
truth of life*.
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Author Martin Elliott ( ago)

Author kikuta5 ( ago)
the intro is good...

Author Hyber blue ( ago)
the first song is so EPIC. Seriously it's that good.

Author Omar Mansour ( ago)
Freakin Epic ppl, Chapeau !

Author Alex England ( ago)
cool song to eat brefaskt to and wakem up to the day sober +)

Author Nanna Caroline Adamsen ( ago)

Author Subhash Jain ( ago)
good relaxing music

Author Wanja Njoroge ( ago)
too blissful

Author Patrapee Rewin ( ago)
My head without serious :)

Author neveragain ( ago)
this is awesome relaxdaily! can you do a tracklist for this?

Author Engineer Toan ( ago)
How to download this video?

Author ReganPaige♡ ( ago)
What song plays at 35:24

Author Valter Silva ( ago)

Author ItzBrookie ( ago)
this music is so relaxing! :D

Author Karmeluk Witalik ( ago)

Author Valentin Delchev ( ago)
What is the melody name from 28 min ? Thanks

Author Musical Style ( ago)
Wow 48.000.000 views

Author Destiny Brooks ( ago)
what is the very first song i really like it its soothing someone please
tell me

Author Eleazar Reséndez ( ago)
ideal para programar

Author krishan mohan ( ago)
Nice 😌

Author Mia Nelson ( ago)
Warning if you stop reading you will die tonight. I'm an unknown 12 year
old but now I'm dead now I had no friends. If you don't repost this you
will die exactly at 11:59. Don't believe me, a guy named jack looked at
this and laughers that night I stabbed him to death. Still don't believe me
, a girl named Sandra only posted this to 10 pictures and now she's 11 in a
coma . A smart guy named Phil posted posted this to 20 pictures and won the
lottery. Remember 0 post = death , 10 post = coma and 20 = something good
will happen.

Author Rony Saha ( ago)
very nice

Author Lord AJ ( ago)
Managed to power trough the creation of a presentation I needed to make for
tomorrow. Thanks a lot!

Author Ricardo Castillon ( ago)
very relaxing music I ever hear .....

Author Luke Hope ( ago)
*Record Deal*
hey, Do you have a music talent? get a record deal fast. please call this
AandR :*(301)640-5568*

Author Krys Ken ( ago)
This song reminds me of rollercoaster accidents, am I the only one?!?! Haha

Author Sadia Yesmin ( ago)
Same what's the first tune called ?

Author ROLEX corporation ( ago)

Author Good Vibrations ( ago)
Meditation Music. Long Version.

Author Jasmin Flower ( ago)
Volim ne samo da budem voljena, već i da mi ta osoba kaže da me voli,
kraljevstvo tišine u grobu dovoljno je veliko...

Author ‫שיר שזר‬‎ ( ago)
מוזיקה טובה

Author David Acuña ( ago)

Author Lily Sweet ( ago)
Best music ever!

Author James Katumba ( ago)
Lovely music. It soothes the soul.

Author RoyalOrchid Thaispa ( ago)
relax and calm

Author Kitu Mau ( ago)

Author Abdika Muksita ( ago)

Author Lee Marcell ( ago)
Great! Soothing and relaxing... Thanks!

Author Fiorenzo Bertazzo ( ago)
Guarda questa playlist su YouTube:tvsk g

Author Munady Ahmad ( ago)

Author George Wakamyia ( ago)

Author Chiaki CrewTubeキャビンアテンダント英会話 ( ago)
So nice and beautiful <3

Author adrian ionescu ( ago)
Listening this music, make me think about my life's time ... and to feel
what I think....soundly.

Author Marlee Chitvinyan ( ago)
ho beautifful sound

Author Malen Magquilat (Malen Jade Louise) ( ago)
Anyone knows the title of the first song? I love it so much. :)

Author MeM MTAB ( ago)
What music Name the first minute?

Author ZENRELAX ( ago)
Nunca me canso de escuchar esta melodia!!! likeee

Author Wei Ren (1058 years ago)
Anyone know 32:00 music name? 

Author Wei Ren ( ago)
Anyone know 24:26 music name? Appreciate! ^^

Author Thien Han (111 year ago)
Does anyone have the mp3 of all the song in this video? I'be very
appreciate if anyone could share me some. I have already had the first

Author 임민혁 (988 years ago)

Author hemant kshirsagar ( ago)
This is beautiful.....Wonderful compositions...

Author Masud Rana Himel (1346 years ago)
:') lovely music <3

Author AUDY C. OKTV ( ago)
so good

Author Avinash Raju ( ago)
music around 1:12?

Author Adisyn Key ( ago)
I like but its not it

Author Adisyn Key ( ago)
NOW THIS ANT IT 😠😤😓😔😔😔😔😜

Author Mayree Numbernine ( ago)

Author Milton Belchior ( ago)

Author itloon ( ago)
BBC (British Broadcasting Company) Radiophonics unit experimented in 50's /
60's to produce short electric sounds samples (not ambient). Jarre / Floyd
/ Kraftwerk managed to "borrow" these. Amazed how composers still
progress to reduce our stress within minutes.

Author Wiebke Schröder ( ago)
which song is the one around 1:57? It´s wonderful!

Author créators mix (1372 years ago)
très bonne musique

Author nakatakoyo ( ago)
so good♪

Author sun shine (1290 years ago)
Simply amazing 

Author Chris Anderson ( ago)
Food for the soul...Thanks! Exellent!

Author Asmaul Hosna ( ago)

Author Grant Suttie ( ago)
60 persant osam

Author Grant Suttie ( ago)
so good

Author Zubair5haikh ( ago)
nice music
changed my mood
when i was listening
i was sad,made me cry,feel better,happy,light hearted everything in 1st

Author fleurdiorra ( ago)
Wh-Wait a minute! I played these...THESE SONGS. I FEEL THEM. I KNOW

Author Zwebo Gaming ( ago)
This song helps me in school.

Author Chichi Mau ( ago)
This was beautiful.. i listened to it while studying, relaxing and even
showering... The combination is just perfection <3 <3 <3

Author Chen yu Hung ( ago)
I wonder the melody name around 2:04:20
it's beautiful

Author Colin McClain ( ago)
Thank you so much this has made me remeber all the great times with my dead
dogs and grandpa

Author lelus may ( ago)
very soft

Author Julie Cornwall ( ago)
The first song is an augmented Theme song from Titanic.

Author Josipa Ključević ( ago)
perfect to relax.. :D

Author The world from the canon look ( ago)
Xahiş edirəm kanalımıza abone olun

Author SarahHD_LP_Msp Wojciechowski ( ago)
das Lied ist voll schön

Author Vroni Engel ( ago)
Sehr schön! Danke .. :-)

Author 下山颯太 ( ago)

Author vibin kumar ( ago)
I really like it .

Author ronal zaldivar ( ago)

Author 神風月影 ( ago)

Author CoolMC Gidlöf ( ago)
Legendary music😍😍😍

Author The Pushing Guy ( ago)
Look at my Channel I push stuff! 

Author Viet Buu Dinh ( ago)
Buoi sang, buoi toi nghe deu hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author RuSSeLL BazL ( ago)
Someone know the name of the music 1:30:09?

Author Adiba Benaadi ( ago)
really i can't stop to leesning this music evrery day........... it's so
relaxing i like it so much

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