talibans cutting man's head off

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Funny Clip


Author Netanel Pingas (2 months)
Too perfect.

Author Jappy Rao (3 months)
lol that's so funny

Author Andrew Rhodes (27 days)
I closed my eyes at the last minute, then I heard music?? 

Author getredytagetredy (2 months)
Thats blackwater-not the fictitious taliban that the zionist tv propaganda
invented for sleepwalking americans so they can get over on them...

Author Iestyn Woodroffe (3 days)

Author Soz styles (12 days)
OMG i was about to scream then i saw dancing!

Author Ajay Ajju Ajju (13 days)
Wt the f### tat 

Author Speedy Carter (28 days)
Thank God lol

Author faheem patel (1 month)

Author tred james (2 months)
Like wtf

Author FaTaL WaVe (5 months)
Omg lmao

Author Cinsere Shelton (2 months)

Author Konstantinos Georgiadis (4 months)
hhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaha omg guys

Author Queruvim Esh (7 months)
clearly mentions that muslims should kill non-muslims if they disbelieve in
Islam. You may find it very shocking and unbelievable but this is the
truth. Let us refer to Quran regarding this teaching. Quran clearly
mentions that muslims should fight non-muslims if they commit "fitnah". So
what is fitnah ? Quran defines "fitnah" as thus: ".....averting [people]
from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and [preventing access to]
al-Masjid al-Haram and the expulsion of its people therefrom are greater
[evil] in the sight of Allah . And fitnah is greater than killing" Quran [
2:217]. This verse defines two important actions that constitute fitnah 1)
Preventing muslims from getting converts to embrace Islam 2) Disbelief in
Islam. Quran then describes how fitnah should be dealt with: "Fight them
until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be]
for Allah..." [Quran 2:193]. This verse gives unambiguous guidance to
muslims to fight non-muslims until there is no more fitnah or disbelief in
Islam. How evil Islam is which wants your blood just because you disbelieve
in Islam. Islam did not grow because of the beauty of its teachings, but
because of hundreds of bloody wars that Muhammed and his Caliphs fought
butchering non-muslims whose only crime was that they disbelieved in Islam.
This violence against non-muslims continues even today in a muslim majority
lands like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Kashmir etc. as per the
teachings of Quran. When Akbaruddin Owaisi publically declared that muslims
will kill all Hindus in India if police is removed for 15 minutes, he was
not speaking as an individual but as a true muslim rehashing the standpoint
of Islam. This is why NO muslim organization issued fatwa against him.
Islam is a threat to humanity and it should be banned in the world.

Author Shoaib Sayed (6 months)
what making fun of taibans????

Author Jakaria Hussen (6 months)
Soooooo funnnnny looooool

Author elizabeth smith (5 months)
tootalyy wicked fuunny

Author Csozombie (1 month)
isis dislike this video

Author DeluxeTheMaster (aka # Loryn) (9 months)
i want this song..

Author Alana Stout (6 months)

Author Sajib Barman (6 months)

Author youeng vincent (7 months)

Author Иван Иваном (8 months)

Author amit sharma (8 months)
mother fuckers

Author Ricko Dandys (8 months)

Author amirbiogene (11 months)

Author Chetanjeev Singh Bains (8 months)
I think this video should be send to talibanis

Author envy suj (8 months)

Author jason barksdale (8 months)
Whhhat the fu..

Author theaxeman307 (8 months)
I'm disappointed..but it's still pretty funny XD

Author Animesh Das (9 months)
sahi hai boss
its right have fun

Author Harley Quinn (1 year)
you guys are fucking idiots. how dare you post something so serious as a
joke. I should report you, but im not going to. Karma will come back for

Author vania saraivaoliveira (11 months)
hahahahahahahaha very funny.if all was well.
forest solve the dance was pretty cool without violence

Author Bill S. (9 months)
That's some funny shit. I hope those Taliban idiots see this :)

Author Shubham Singh (9 months)
very fucking funny

Author Tom Hank (1 year)
I love it! So awesome, lol.

Author Legion Souls (5 months)
I feel as though this video was very wrong

Author Im a wizard (6 months)
It would've been a plot twist if he had cut the head off after all

Author 김정헌 (10 months)
It's funny

Author Ebrahim Hamade (11 months)
I got scared it was a joke

Author !!Awesomeness Videos!! CHANNEL 2 (11 months)

Author Antônio Pereira Pagano Gama Pagano Gama (11 months)

Author Lee Welch (11 months) me.........too funny..

Author s chiu (11 months)
this is not funny

Author sudhir sharma (11 months)
hahaha lol

Author Saraheart Ballesteros (11 months)
Gago lang.

Author rick66649 (11 months)
twats ...was just going to hit the stop button at the moment of

Author underneonloneliness2 (1 year)
i knew this was fake because a real head cutting would be taken off by

Author Eglė Kiurt (11 months)
...stupid herd :P

Author Bryon Bahr (1 year)
thank god !

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