How To Make Migas - Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Migas is a delicious Tex-Mex dish combining eggs, tomatoes, jalapenos, corn tortillas, and cheese to make the perfect breakfast!

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Hilah Cooking is a short-form, educational web series focused on making cooking FUN! We release two episodes every week. Our focus is on simple, low-cost recipes with a Texas flair. Everything is made from scratch, people! You will not see any packets of taco seasoning mix or gravy powder up in here. If you are going to learn how to cook, you are going to learn it for real! But I promise it will be fun and easy.

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Author RetC130Nav ( ago)
"Dude, I love you Migas" Excellent video. Thanks.

Author mwells219 ( ago)
She's cute and she likes whiskey. Why aren't most women I meet this

Author Gustavoinsd ( ago)
You look just like Wenieth Palthrow. Not only physically but your voice and
personality. Are you Wenieth Palthrow ?

Author jessica odom ( ago)
Maybe that's the way SHE likes to cook god people

Author 1destra ( ago)
Can do without the chewing sound effects Gwyneth

Author Pat G ( ago)
Love migas.nice spin on things.iron skillet is a must

Author unicorn farts ( ago)
I like how she says if u don't live I. Texas u might not know what this is
yet its from Mexico I'm Mexican so I know

Author Amanda Branch ( ago)
You look like a lil dolled up scrambled egg 

Author Ruben Mora ( ago)
You are so cute

Author wisehybred ( ago)
Potatoes yo

Author November Moon ( ago)
Everything looked delicious until you DIDN'T cook the flour tortilla :( lol

Author ellen1001000 ( ago)
She is so fucked up :/

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
Well, let us both count our blessings for having wonderful spouses! :)

Author Doug Upham ( ago)
You are an attractive talented and cool woman with just the right
personality. Your husband is one lucky guy. Not flirting, I'm happily
married to a wonderful woman myself, just saying.

Author Anticultz ( ago)
My mom used to cook me migras when I was a little boy in Houston. I even
helped her make the migras.

Author Ashlee K ( ago)
OMG. I thought my fire alarm was going off. Scared the bajesus out of me.

Author Stacking Cats ( ago)
Nothing better than a Texas woman and her cooking.......heck yeaaaa

Author Fitnessence ( ago)
Hila where do you find the corn tortillas? are they frozen?

Author Scott Weber ( ago)
A little trick if you don't like so much moisture is to draw out the
moisture in the veggies with a little salt before you throw them in the pan.

Author HAHAHA1813 ( ago)
Ummm ok

Author Yoga With Adriene ( ago)
I have MIGAS in my blooood! I could eat migas for every meal. That is all.

Author paintur68 ( ago)
Also, some people put cottage cheese on their baked potatoes. Stay
tuned....updates as they come. :- l

Author ze blast ( ago)
Some people have a sexual orientation that is straight. Just thought
everybody on here needs to know for some reason.

Author Marco B. ( ago)
dam, im mexican and left home when i was very young to go all the way up to
canada, never learnt to cook and have been suffering all my life for good
food but dam thank u so much hilah, ur guides seriously remind me of my
moms cooking.

Author mightyachillies ( ago)
Looks like Chilaquiles trying to be an omelet or as my uncle from San
Antonio use to call that: S-O-S.

Author john flowers ( ago)
i wish i had a wife like you

Author RuralBreakfast ( ago)
I used to have those for breakfast in Tulum :)

Author Joy Du ( ago)
Your awesome Hilah

Author Ms Kimlo ( ago)

Author Ismail Isbilen ( ago)
I like your sexy behaviour :)

Author xorockstar411ox ( ago)
This is a different kind of migas. Mig as is just corn tortillas and egg.
But migas taste better with home made corn tortillas!

Author shamasi1968 ( ago)
I live in Iowa and I make something similar to this. I cut the tortillas
into six wedges then fry them, then fry some chorizo or andoulli sausage,
add the vegetables, and when they are ready add the egg. Then I pile it all
on my tortilla wedges and eat it with my hands like an egg salsa on

Author gail jones ( ago)
I love the fact that you like to drink in the morning!!!! LOL LOL Always
enjoy watching your shows! You make my day! Is that good or bad people? I
really like Hilah:)

Author KiDD Rush ( ago)
She turns me on

Author jilijub ( ago)
for the tortilla strips, I'm just going to take a bag of tortilla chips

Author Paulpunkrocks ( ago)
oh man I could really go for a glass of bourbon after watching this

Author jeffy hendrixx ( ago)
sort of a homemade frito corn chip ?

Author josue robles ( ago)
I am Mexican

Author B Nugget ( ago)
Mexican food is pretty much the same...just add whatever spices you want or
keep it raw wraps or fried wraps..bout it dawgggg

Author frank ( ago)
Holy shist I've been making this for years and had no idea! I do the same
minus the cheeseherb and with serrano. I also add some chile de arbol and
piquin sauce right when the veg is done sauteing. (I use this in everything
though. I may have replaced black pepper with it.) Wow, this sounds so
creepy in my head: I haven't checked out all your vids yet, so I don't know
if you've done huevos con chorizo yet. It's my favorite breakfast ever and
I think it needs more exposure.

Author Paloma Perez ( ago)
A tip is sometimes is to use like day old tortillas (no need to throw them
away!) or tortillas that were left in the microwave too long cause then
they are extra crispy when you fry them!

Author Bree Jael ( ago)
i live in texas ;)

Author Danyrd P. ( ago)
RGV = Better migas.

Author Danyrd P. ( ago)
You have a big X on your left leg.

Author Danyrd P. ( ago)
I like your attitude! PARTY!! Whiskey!! YEAH!!!

Author treeferreefer ( ago)
nice migas,, but you like annoying hippy Phebe...

Author 408Magenta ( ago)
Looks delicious and an appetite primed by a good 12-year old Scotch, what
else could you want....give me a minute to think about it. Love it.

Author heyitshorse ( ago)
uur pretty hot.

Author JesusFreakJene ( ago)
Very Nice :-) Migas look good :-) I think I would like to eat them with a
corn tortilla to go with the strips in the eggs, but looks very good. I
have made almost the same thing without the strips, but I will try them :-)
thanks ((oh and ps,,,I dont think I would like them with Fritos, I guess
it's a preference, but if I was really hungry and it was all I had I might
try it with Fritos))

Author Jim Foreman ( ago)
Way to go girl and I see you know how to hold a tortilla while eating. I'm
going to my redneck migas in a day or so. Jim

Author smartbet ( ago)
Was that Yoda from Star Wars?

Author smartbet ( ago)

Author harry le ( ago)
Dont get drunk while cooking!

Author Robbie Sanchez ( ago)
OMG! I grew up in mexico and never heard of migas in my life o_O but I do
remember cooking almost the same recipe when I was a youngster... keep on
going sista!! besos :D

Author Fantic1980 ( ago)
That fire alarm made me run into my kitchen, thanks Hilah lol :D

Author dougmaann ( ago)
shes hot and reminds of that girl from dharma and greg

Author ItsMaria ( ago)
is it okay if i dont add the cilantro and the jalapenos?

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
I just mean remove the seeds after you slice the tomatoes.

Author bitbit15 ( ago)
Yet you don't know how to separate your sentences properly?

Author bmf98 ( ago)
i am sooooo frikkin hungry now...i KNOW what I am ordering tomorrow

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
They're my favorite breakfast!

Author Joan Z (1830 years ago)
Are the tortillas corn or flour?

Author bradh716 ( ago)
You are a great cook! Thanks for sharing!

Author Cristo Villagomez ( ago)
This gringa can cook lol. <3

Author Glenn Swafford ( ago)
Thanks for the winter fuel,now its time to cook in them summer morning
buggy ride camp outs,stay safe,have fun,& Parrrrrrty,love u thanks.

Author RockyBalboa211 ( ago)
@SgtSecsy94: This costs usually around 5 dollars at the mexican restaurants
I go to for breakfast.

Author SgtSecsy94 ( ago)
Is this free at restaurants?

Author lburgundi ( ago)
yummi que rico, siempre noto que nunca calientas las tortillas al grado que
nosotros los mexicanos las comemos, las dejas como crudas diriamos en mi
casa =P, una tortilla bien calientita la tocas y te quema las manos,
algunas veces, una tortilla se infla cuando acumula suficiente calor.

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@frdrcksncn Gotcha! ;) No more summer breaks, so you'll be seeing a lot of
me this year.

Author frdrcksncn ( ago)
for a second I was kind of sad because I won't see you until Oct. Then I
looked at the date when you uploaded it and it says 2010. *phew*

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@paintur68 Yay! Awesome to hear that. :) Thanks.

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@misterblobbyman :)

Author paintur68 ( ago)
@aguapura Fritos yes Doritos........GROSS!

Author paintur68 ( ago)
I'm Mexican, and I know what good migas are........this woman came as close
as anybody else on Youtube.... Yes! I've been watching people make migas
all morning! I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep! I'm also gay,
and I'm strangely turned on by this woman........ holy crap, I think she
made me straight! Wait, it's over...she fun though.

Author itpaystobeme ( ago)
Luv your personality

Author aguapura ( ago)
I like to use fritos or doritos instead of the tortillas.

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 it's so GOOD!!!!

Author Toby Wilson ( ago)
beat them eggs!!!

Author BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 ( ago)
hot sauce*

Author BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 ( ago)
oh em gee that hotsauce ur using is soo freakin hot!!!

Author RockyBalboa211 ( ago)
@dozeropr101: I live in San Antonio as well. Every person here has eaten
migas. It''s all I ate as a child, and my abuelita made the best ever! :D

Author Jon Madsen ( ago)
This makes my breakfast look boring....

Author mandoshane ( ago)
@Abeba323 are you in texas? seems everything you cook, i eat. lol, i just
heard you say you did. i knew it! thahks for the fun vids

Author GuerrillaForce ( ago)
Damn. You wanna get married?

Author Faztlan ( ago)
Solomente en Texas...Only in TEXAS.. gotta love it!! -TX

Author Sam L ( ago)
Lisa Kudrow???

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@Abeba323 I'm really glad you think so! I always worry it looks totally
stupid. Thanks!

Author Adey Teshome ( ago)
It's hard to make this call but I think my favorite part of all the videos
is when Hilah takes a humongous bite at the end and then chews...for a long
time. Just looks so damn good LOL

Author Frank15982 ( ago)
I like my Migas with chorizo and bacon. NOMS

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@dozeropr101 You got totally spoiled!

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@bigsqueeze76 Thanks, buddy!

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@Lalaquiesha Yay!!!

Author Scott Signore ( ago)
I just got up right when the video ended and made this, positively delish!
Thanks Hilah! <3

Author JustNess78 ( ago)
@hossychew yeah... sometimes, if we were lucky, my mom would surprise us
with cheese on top! mmm, so good! =)

Author hossychew ( ago)
@JustNess78 wow i was just thinking the same thing as i was watching this.
did u ever put cheese on top of yours or maybe a little sour cream.

Author QbanSavage AFO ( ago)
@hilahcooking she said you did wrong

Author stee samb ( ago)
@honkeymudderfo i thought the same.. i dont get how she is so thin lol

Author zembelo1 ( ago)
pretty hot lush... They take long to cook because your fire is way to low.

Author Hilah Cooking ( ago)
@JustNess78 Aw, that's too cute!

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