How To Make Migas - Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Migas is a delicious Tex-Mex dish combining eggs, tomatoes, jalapenos, corn tortillas, and cheese to make the perfect breakfast!

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Author Amanda Branch (3 months)
You look like a lil dolled up scrambled egg 

Author wisehybred (3 months)
Potatoes yo

Author Ruben Mora (3 months)
You are so cute

Author Shan Brown (10 months)
This is an awesome recipe. Thanks.

Author unicorn farts (9 days)
I like how she says if u don't live I. Texas u might not know what this is
yet its from Mexico I'm Mexican so I know

Author Jon Barrett (1 year)
I love how high she is during this video. I miss Texas. Good video. Looks

Author Lizbeth Padron (1 year)
this is Americanized migas the real ones are a little different same
concept jst different things

Author ratelvis (7 months)
those tortilla pieces are to big. they are cut into small squares. I'm
Mexican and live by the border, I'm pretty sure I'm right lol

Author angie camacho (1 year)
you should try making some homemade salsa :) 

Author vanscoyoc (1 year)
Brilliant! (If you eat that, it will mess up your buzz.)

Author Joe Schmeltzer (1 year)
looks yummy

Author Manualideas Fancylooks (4 years)
@hilahcooking There are diferent recipes depending on the part of Spain:
Migas andaluzas, extremeñas, manchegas... some are made with corn flour,
some with wheat flour, typical ones are made with stale bread. Have a look
in tourspain org for a recipe in English, so you get the idea.

Author JustNess78 (4 years)
@hossychew yeah... sometimes, if we were lucky, my mom would surprise us
with cheese on top! mmm, so good! =)

Author luticia (4 years)
I really like her character *lol* Wish I would be so selfconfident!

Author yescandles (4 years)
Too bad I wound up here in the middle of your hiatus . I'll play catch up
and look forward to October . Love Migas btw.

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@meknewxenu That's very interesting! I love learning about how foods change
over time and distance. Please let me know of any other differences like
that you notice!

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@BenniBiber We're working on a top secret project but anyone who is signed
up for the newsletter will be in on it as soon as it's ready!

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@bloodwitch013 thanks for "getting" me.

Author BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 (3 years)
oh em gee that hotsauce ur using is soo freakin hot!!!

Author NUB3N (4 years)
i wish she was my mum...

Author bradh716 (3 years)
You are a great cook! Thanks for sharing!

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@MixMasterApu We'll still be posting regular blogs on the website about our
Great Summer Adventure. With pictures.

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@theeastwatch Wild Turkey of course!

Author Hilah Cooking (3 years)
@misterblobbyman :)

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@Valis77 Beach Town, USA: Here I come!!!

Author Robbie Sanchez (2 years)
OMG! I grew up in mexico and never heard of migas in my life o_O but I do
remember cooking almost the same recipe when I was a youngster... keep on
going sista!! besos :D

Author vandos11 (4 years)
you are so entertaining im hooked your going to be famous you just got that
something that makes you so much fun to watch

Author mightyachillies (1 year)
Looks like Chilaquiles trying to be an omelet or as my uncle from San
Antonio use to call that: S-O-S.

Author Jon Madsen (3 years)
This makes my breakfast look boring....

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@kenezbian Don't be bummed! There won't be an episode every Tuesday, but we
have some awesome stuff coming up this summer. Stay tuned!

Author HAHAHA1813 (1 year)
Ummm ok

Author HopefullyShrinking (4 years)
Looking forward to October!

Author jeffy hendrixx (2 years)
sort of a homemade frito corn chip ?

Author Ali Fateen (4 years)
where in texas are u from

Author treeferreefer (2 years)
nice migas,, but you like annoying hippy Phebe...

Author bmf98 (2 years)
i am sooooo frikkin hungry now...i KNOW what I am ordering tomorrow

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@yescandles Aww, thanks!

Author Bree Jael (2 years)
i live in texas ;)

Author Don Burns (4 years)
Hilah, I'm a big fan of pretty girls who drink whiskey in the middle of the

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@vandos11 I hope you're right!

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@bigsqueeze76 Thanks, buddy!

Author shamasi1968 (2 years)
I live in Iowa and I make something similar to this. I cut the tortillas
into six wedges then fry them, then fry some chorizo or andoulli sausage,
add the vegetables, and when they are ready add the egg. Then I pile it all
on my tortilla wedges and eat it with my hands like an egg salsa on

Author smartbet (2 years)
Was that Yoda from Star Wars?

Author smartbet (2 years)

Author stee samb (4 years)
@honkeymudderfo i thought the same.. i dont get how she is so thin lol

Author Hilah Cooking (3 years)
@paintur68 Yay! Awesome to hear that. :) Thanks.

Author JoeHell67 (4 years)
...make it....taste it.... (like i did..)...then..OBEY IT! and the join the
Hilahcooking movement! Nothing can stop us.... ;-) Joe from Germany

Author 18yardsout (4 years)
"... and then we wait." *picks up glass* Best way to cook!

Author BaBiiBo0L3xxi3 (3 years)
hot sauce*

Author Hilah Cooking (4 years)
@theeastwatch Makers is way too sweet for me! But we can agree to disagree.

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