How to shift a 10 speed tractor trailer

*****WHEN GOING DOWN A have to be in the proper gear BEFORE you start down the hill...failure to do so may lead to an "Out of control situation" that may cause DEATH!!!*****

How to shift a big truck in 3 easy steps, LOL! When I got the silly idea I wanted to drive truck I searched You Tube on how to shift these things and really couldnt find anything good. I tried to make this as simple as I could. The biggest thing is not NOT over complicate this! Just think of it as a 5 speed... Lift the "high / low selecter" and it's another 5 speed. Slowing down is the harder part. Look at your speedometer, add the two numbers together and put it in that gear....Sounds easy? it is.... after a few days. Just remember when slowing down, in a worst case scenerio, if you mess up and can't get it in gear, you to come to a complete stop and start over...just throw your 4-ways on. Don't panic, stay calm, it's just a truck! In a few days you'll be shifting like a pro!!!
Hope this helps! If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

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Author 95TurboSol (6 months)
4:22 You have a buff left leg lol

Author acs1789 math (1 month)
Very informative. This guy kind of looks and sounds like Mr. Mackey from
South Park.

Author Nadjid Harris (10 days)
Extremely helpful sir, im getting my CDL in a few days now, kind of nervous
about what this training is comming at me

Author RomanDieselTR (2 months)
i cannot thanks to you enough. Thanks a lot

Author Jenovasson (23 days)
Thanks for the video. I got my Class A in 2011, drove for a month, quit,
didn't do it again until late 2013. I was nervous about the time lapse and
watching this video helped me get back into the zone. That company went out
of business and I did other work until now, getting back into it and need
these refresher videos again.

Author Sam Don (1 month)
Every truck drives different. 

Author mrchriss (3 days)
That 1+5, 2+5 etc is clever, but I got km/h so I have to figure out a smart
system for that aswell, but I will use your idea as the basis. Also I was
also just searching youtube for help and first found a bunch of guys just
shifting, so this video was very educational, Thanks alot!

Author Eric Caro (1 month)
"Its just that simple" it all made sence to me untill i started reading the

Author Josh Spain (14 days)
thanks for the info! it makes a lot of sense, like shifting a car but a
little more to it) I never been in a tractor cab yet, but JUST got the cdl
permit yesterday! shifting seems like itll be easier than air brakes and
coupling. (you should make a vid on air brakes)

Author biniam abraham (1 month)
Wow...ur awesome....nice teaching

Author Billy Hart (5 months)
6th gear at 15 mph sounds like a load of bull... Not buying that.

Author Hamish Robertson (3 months)
i saw there was 2 reverse gears (one high range one low), is there any
difference in those two at all? thanks.

Author Melisa Arnold (1 month)
You dummie!! You are making it harder for first timers to learn!!! Clutch
is only for stops and starts..Your left leg must be twice the size of your
left..Faster to learn no clutch the faster it is to learn

Author Juan Garcia (10 months)
anybody noticed he's not wearing pants

Author jpyles90 (5 days)
I just float the gears I only use the clutch well down shifting and stop
and going. 

Author ghettoway skem (13 days)
Why you take off on 2nd gear not 1st 

Author Danny Martinez (1 month)
Awesome tip on gear selection with the whole light scenario!

Author adventureron7 (4 months)
Will double clutching wear out your boots so you have to shift in socks?

Author GrubSlayer (2 months)
Yeah, what Deertag said.

Author 212809 (1 month)
How come your not wearing any pants lol.

Author jmh4ggg (2 months)
You need a little more experience before you start making videos...1-5 in
newer trucks you can idle shift...or shift up at about dont
have to "wind it out" until 6-10 because those are speed gears

Author Brian Martin (2 months)
When coming to a stop to make a turn while not having to stop should I find
my low gear first or float and catch a gear after my turn? 

Author Juan Garcia (10 months)
the brakes r way too close to the gas damn

Author George Oconnor (22 days)
This is good informitive it helps me

Author Jared Biggs (4 months)
You dont have to use the clutch at all, unless your stoping or taking off.
When you have a trailer you push in the clutch and put itin 2, slitly let
off the clutch while giving it some gas. Then after your moving and you rpm
is higher than 1500 rpm let off the gas and put it in 3 and etc. When
stoping just push or pull it out of gear and push on the brakes lightly. If
you do it your way your clutch and transmission will have to be adjusted
often and might have a possible chance of breaking the transmission. 

Author Gerald Johnson (5 months)
very first thing I tell my students is do not watch YouTube to learn how
to drive a truck!

Author Kyle Platt (4 months)
When you are transferring from low range to high range, do you flick up the
little switch while you're in fifth gear or when you're transferring from
fifth to sixth?

Author JRBROOKS42 (2 months)
I don't think his pants or on !!!!!!!!

Author J SLiM (4 months)
Started off driving 13 speed. Had to adjust to 10 speed for a new job. This
was very informative. Thank you 

Author John Deertag (4 months)
This is not how you double clutch in a semi you would grind every gear if
you push the clutch in that far you only push it in two inches max when
double clutching a rig if you push it to the floor the clutch break engages
and you'll grind every gear every time I know I drive truck every day and
know the proper way to double clutch and float the gears

Author Rafik Adam (5 months)
how about skipping double clutch and rev up the engine revelation up for
about 400 rpm to ensure gear change and shift up to the next gear? would
that be possible?

Author Stevie Ray (6 months)
You don't depress have to depress the clutch all the way down..! Just a 1/4
press on the clutch is good enough..

Author kowal789 (4 months)
I'm sorry but I noticed you explained by clutching all the way. This is
incorrect. Trucks have a clutch brake that activated after a certain clutch
depth has been achieved. To disengage the clutch without activating the
clutch brake, you only need 2-3 inches of clutch travel. Constantly fully
clutching will prematurely wear the clutch brake.

Author jimbola77 (2 months)
very nice video helped me out a million!!! keep those vid's rollin!!!

Author Bob Koss (7 months)
Your double clutching is way too deep on the clutch pedal.

Author Nasir Mir (3 months)
Excellent video !!! Thanks

Author ikelenafly (7 months)
"its NOT that simple" lol..just kidding. Great vid bro

Author Joseph J Wang (10 days)
Thank you for this detailed video. Just a question on the last part about
the traffic light turning green. Being that 10th and 5th are in the same
location... Let's say you're in 10th and need to got 5th for speeds a bit
below 15 mph, do you just push down to low range? or do you have to shift
out of 10th, press down on low range, double clutch back into 5th

Author Westin Jones (1 month)
you do not push the gas to take off in a diesel use the right gear its not
a car this guy isn't showing the right way to shift at all its all wrong

Author jarrett wendling (4 months)
very good video but one thing u forgot is in an unsycronized trans pushing
the clutch in all the way engauges the trans break which is very important
not to engage it when you are moving

Author kowal789 (4 months)
I haven't found a video of a somebody downshifting with a jake on. I think
I will do that. Easy peasy. 

Author will11333 (1 month)
great help with the speedo count.cheers

Author Brandon Watkins (3 months)

Author gmccord1970 (9 months)
Somebody help me out with this. I know how to skip shift let's say from
6th down to 3rd for a 90 degree turn but how do you recover from missing a
gear after shifting. Sometimes I miss going into a gear and it grinds. So
let's say I try to shift into 6th and miss it. Do I try it again at the
bottom of the operating range? Do I try a different gear? What's the rule
of thumb. Thanks! 

Author CMDRFandragon (7 months)
Shifting kicked my ass lol. I could find the spot for the gear, but never
seemed to be at the right speed. And sometimes, just as soon as I would
nail it like 10 times in a row and think...I think ive got this, the next
10 times would be..nope, nope, nope...FUUUUU.....down shifting kicks my ass
even worse lol. And hills really kill me haha...

Author barf245 (7 months)
With a empty trailer you can start on in 5th gear loaded 3rd or 4th.

Author Steve Medved (7 months)
Great instrucional video. Just what I needed after being out of the game
for a while. 

Author Andy Fetisov (9 months)
Thank you very nice I like.

Author Juan Andres (5 months)
Downshift is kinda difficult 

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