How to shift a 10 speed tractor trailer

*****WHEN GOING DOWN A have to be in the proper gear BEFORE you start down the hill...failure to do so may lead to an "Out of control situation" that may cause DEATH!!!*****

How to shift a big truck in 3 easy steps, LOL! When I got the silly idea I wanted to drive truck I searched You Tube on how to shift these things and really couldnt find anything good. I tried to make this as simple as I could. The biggest thing is not NOT over complicate this! Just think of it as a 5 speed... Lift the "high / low selecter" and it's another 5 speed. Slowing down is the harder part. Look at your speedometer, add the two numbers together and put it in that gear....Sounds easy? it is.... after a few days. Just remember when slowing down, in a worst case scenerio, if you mess up and can't get it in gear, you to come to a complete stop and start over...just throw your 4-ways on. Don't panic, stay calm, it's just a truck! In a few days you'll be shifting like a pro!!!
Hope this helps! If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

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Author edvfd911 (8 months)
Super 10 forever !!!

Author FormerWMDriver (5 months)
Thank you. I've driven straight trucks on and off for the past 10 years...
all of them were automatic. I feel just like you, my car is manual, but
that's definitely not a truck. Recently I had the need to drive a manual
and it was an ugly experience, I was over thinking it, and there was no one
to properly train me. Thank you for this video, it was just what I was
looking for.

Author Hudson Brand (6 months)
I hate when you fuckers downshift outside my neighborhood...

Author Garrison64 (3 months)
You don't push in the clutch to rev for your downshift. Having the clutch
in at that point is a common mistake of students in trucking schools. Once
the clutch is in revving the engine accomplishes nothing because you just
created a disconnect between the engine and the transmission. The whole
point is to bring up the speed of the entire assembly not just the engine.
So the correct way is to Press the clutch and move the shift lever to
neutral. Let out on the clutch and rev the engine to the correct RPM (aprox
300 RPM higher than when you took the truck out of gear), then hold that
RPM steady while you depress the clutch and put the truck back into gear. 

Author Ben Hasson (5 months)
what's the point of double clutching?

Author Andy Fetisov (4 days)
Thank you very nice I like.

Author gmccord1970 (17 days)
Somebody help me out with this. I know how to skip shift let's say from
6th down to 3rd for a 90 degree turn but how do you recover from missing a
gear after shifting. Sometimes I miss going into a gear and it grinds. So
let's say I try to shift into 6th and miss it. Do I try it again at the
bottom of the operating range? Do I try a different gear? What's the rule
of thumb. Thanks! 

Author BX NYC (3 months)
thank you,

Author mike m (6 months)
you wouldn't get in to gear if you pushed the clutch all the way down. you
should only push the clutch in a little bit going through gears.

Author SmokeDogNY420 (5 months)
I don't even drive truck and this video was informative, pretty cool....

Author madkappa1 (1 month)
Great video just started trucking school 

Author jessie dulai (5 months)
thanks dude really helped

Author Michael Duden (5 months)
I a road test tomorrow, this was a good review. I prefer a 13 speed, so
this is always an adjustment. thanks I will try to remember the speeds for
which gear, after I convert to Kilometers.

Author Fatdaddy (5 months)
Man I went to one of the best schools to learn this and we never started in
2nd gear especially when we had a loaded trailer.

Author casimirobuenabista (3 months)
What if your going downhill and can't get into a gear do you stop and start

Author youngchirp12 (3 months)
Start out in 2nd or 3rd when you have a empty trailer or you Bob tailing
only start in 1st gear when you have a heavy load....and when you first
take off from stopped press the clutch down put it in the recommended gear
and slowly let your foot off the clutch until you feel some torque from the
engine then give it gas...that's how you can do it when you are new to
trucking until you get use to driving a big rig

Author Curtis Noble (5 months)
Dont your suppose to when going to high range I think is taking it out of
gear then putting then put the lever up when shifting shiting to 6 

Author ray castaneda (3 months)
A friend of mine told me to never engage the spliter while in gear if was
gonna go from fifth to sixth I'd have to take out of gear then while in
neutral engage the spliter and then bring it to the next gear, is this
correct or it doesn't matter?

Author BlackDiamondHB (6 months)
So... When you start Down Shifting you double clutch and Rev-Match (Blink
the Throttle) to the lower Gear? It's like Heel-Toe and Engine
Breaking, when Track Racing. You're Partially using the engine to also slow
the car down to save your breaks for when you really need them, without
dropping the RPM's to low. Just incase you have to speed up again you have
enough torque.

Does that sound weird? This is the only way I can relate anything you
explained to what I already know about driving and Racing a 6-Speed.

Author Dtmjr34 (7 months)
Do most companies run standard transmissions now or is it kinda both now?

Author atlmz6 (4 months)
Great video but I never understood why they built manual transmission like
this. Why not make them sync like todays trans in other autos & trucks.
Would make driving a hell of a lot more fun.

Author AbsoluteMMA101 (8 months)
meh nothing difficult in shifting a 10 speed. Already did that last week
for the 1st time...being used to shifting a 9 speed, 10 speed was not any

Author Jennifer McCormick (3 months)
How do I know when to shift gears? Like the tachometer n rpms

Author AwesomeTNA TNA (8 months)
8 speed is way better less shifting 

Author donotfret (3 months)
The numbers technique is wrong. You should be in sixth by 10mph not
starting 5th. 6th by 15mph

Author david dietrich (6 months)
"ts just that simple"...I failed a few road tests because the CDL school I
went to only offered 6 speed parking lot training. Ended up going for the
company "driving school academy" ie Swift and got my feet wet that way.
...It worked out well because the whole 4 weeks was spent becoming
familiar with Swift equipment and shifting the split 10 w/ DC ...

Author Viet Nam (6 months)
Thanks for a great video. Given that I have never driven a tractor
previously. This was the most informative video regarding how to shift a 10
speeds. I would like to know in details how to downshift from 10 speed to
5 speed when floating gear. Thanks

Author Nathan Fontaine (10 days)
Thanks for posting this video as some one who has to get his CDL class A
for work this was extremely helpful.

Author Juan Garcia (1 month)
anybody noticed he's not wearing pants

Author Richard Green (1 month)
All truck transmissions are synchronized and you pushing your clutch in way
to far push your clutch til it engages 

Author Kelvin williams (10 days)
I have my cdl and this video was very helpful. How long did it take you to
learn to shift like that?

Author dana44s (2 months)
Wow, Thanks man. This video really helps! I've always wondered how the gear
system works in a 10 speed....

Author joevonloser00 (10 days)
Is it really just that easy?

Author Debby Garbato (2 months) shifting a bicycle. Ha!

Author Howard D (6 months)
Man,I hired on with this company,and although I have driven many trucks
before,they were European ones! I just naturally assumed it'd be ok. It
isn't!!! I am catching hell with this thing!!! So,I am going to take your
advice,and try not to overthink it,not to rush,and to apply what you said
about adding the digits on the speedometer to downshift. To be honest, I
think I'm trying to hard. The company has been really nice about it,but I
still feel the pressure! So,I hope this works!! Thanks man!

Author yourfast07 (4 months)
I'm sure most of you are looking for something that most videos don't tell
you, what gear at what speed you should use, in case you have to slow down
fast, what you be looking at is 15mph, 25 mph, 35mph, 45mph 55mph. Simple
1+5 =6 that means you be in 6 gear, 25= 2+5= 7 you be in 7 but you can also
be in 8. Next 35= 3+5=8 you can be in 8 or even 9. If you will remember
this, it will be a lot easier to learn how to shift ;) 

Author Curtis Brown (2 months)
double clutching tip: use the Adams Family Theme song. DA NA NANA Clutch

Author Steve r (4 months)
is he wearing pants......

Author truckerforlife (4 months)
The transmissions are syncronized thats why you can float the gears, nice
video though. Not hateing at all. I have an 18 speed double od, 18 speed
maxitorque and a deep reduction 13 speed. Those are fun once you learn how
to fully float and split the bottom or top half of the gear pattern

Author suilekelly (4 months)
When i am going done hill with a 83 Pickup what gear would i need to be in.

Author Teresa Nicole Williams (4 months)
This video has helped a million!!

Author Aaron Jones (3 months)
great video though

Author hi jayhon (4 months)
good video for you rookies, as you advance you will learn to float gears.

Author jason gato (2 months)
I never use a clutch.

Author Rolando Valdez (4 months)
It's really helpful and understanding thanks guy ...

Author Justin Donovan (4 months)
put some shoes on nigga

Author blacksupra001 (4 months)
wow so full of information in this video, love the speedometer bit !

To much clutch😒

Author Kent M McDonald (1 month)
Thank you!

Author Jose Hernandez (2 months)
me too, that's good

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