André Rieu - Nearer my God to Thee (Titanic)

Copyright André Rieu! Amazing and beautiful performance!

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Author S n o o p y ( ago)
When I listen to this it is just erie.. It's a weird feeling.. Great work
Rieu You once again move me, and make me speechless..

Author Vincent Byrne ( ago)
brings back memories of Mary rip

Author Brian Leonard ( ago)
to have this at the end would be perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Schwarzi ( ago)
Sollte eines Tages mal die Welt untergehen, so wäre dies die passende

Author David Lawrence ( ago)
Wonderful and so beautiful!! Amazing musicians!! :-)

Author Assef Hamdan ( ago)
رائع جدا جدا شكرا لكم

Author nathan stewart (1473 years ago)
WOW !!! That brought tears to my eyes !!! Amazingly beautiful !!!

Author Miriam Stiebing ( ago)

Author Koos Hollander ( ago)
Iedere keer opnieuw krijg ik kippenvel bij het horen van dit prachtige lied
dat een verlangen uitspreekt naar de nabijheid van God.

Author Ahyrta Goveia de Melo Ahyrta ( ago)
Maravilhoso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luna Sascha

Author Markos Boussios ( ago)
The story of the Titanic and the hundreds of passengers it took with it to
the bottom of the ocean, is the story of each one of us. Life is but a
journey that none knows when and how it'll end. Death, that dreadful enemy,
one day will knock at our door, too. That's the only certain event for all
of us. The Bible says: "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after
this the judgment." He. 9:27. Only by believing on Jesus Christ can we be
saved and have eternal life in heaven!

Author Lucas Ribeiro ( ago)
nooooooooo no es de titanic noooooooo yel de min na egrejaa ccb
gloriaaaaaaaa A DEUS

Author Night Shadow ( ago)
Like if u r listening to this and thinking of the titanic sinking scenes in
ur head

Author jan jo ( ago)
ty andre

Author Colette RICHARD ( ago)
Magnifique..... Cela donne des frissons.

Author VADERNASCAR45 ( ago)
*Cries so hard* R.I.P. my aunt. You're in Heaven with the angels now and
not suffering anymore. She died this year from Alheimerz Disease. I miss
her dearly I wish I could have brought her back I wish I could have saved
her but I couldn't I couldn't. Goodbye my aunt I'll miss you dearly R.I.P

Author Silvia Ginesta ( ago)
I agree

Author Judi Harbin ( ago)
“Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be
with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Author c5a1p1998 ( ago)
shivers down my back tears in my eyes love this song

Author Gene Roll ( ago)

Author derk Jacobsen ( ago)

Author Klein Erna ( ago)
Wie immer wunderschööön - traurig !!!!!

Author Joseph Chandra Sekhar ( ago)
Beloved friend I hope your wanderings are over.......and yet left with many
years and many a mile,to wander, with your God and my God in the new found
land .....the Earth.

Author James Scott ( ago)
you don't have to be Christian to respect the beauty of this hymn...truly
tearful right now

Author mientjeo4 ( ago)
I always cry when i hear this song i can't help it its so sad, but so

Author ThanBaiHong Kong ( ago)
This song is really sad

Author imusamohammed ( ago)

Author jimmyd10100 ( ago)
wow! beautiful, makes me think how short life is, and my dad died in my
arms last year. only thing that matters is keep humble before god almighty.
forget us not.

Author Pepprina Malt ( ago)
Excellent rendition. Thank you.

Author Erick Ettore ( ago)
7 deaf did not like the video

Author Ivan Dominik Horvat ( ago)
Your comment has sent chills down my spine.

Author Jennifer Sutherland ( ago)

Author maria mitchell ( ago)
Yes , I must say I am a fan of him .. and it has been such a Great Pleaser
x to watch you <3

Author Konrad Salamon ( ago)
piękne. Kocham Cię Darunia !!

Author Luciano Alves ( ago)
Encantadoramente maravilhoso. Deus seja louvado. Aleluia!!!

Author Freestyla04 ( ago)
Meine Herren es war eine Ehre mit ihnen zu spielen.

Author imran khan ( ago)
My absolute fav hymn .... and this is simply WOW speechless

Author Javand jb ( ago)
BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

Author cvty ( ago)
You're absolutely right, don't argue with this Nazi idiot. This is a kind
of arogance - I killed your mother, then I spent several years in prison
and now I say : "ok, I'm victim of this crime, why did you do this ? Why
did you send me to prison adn ruin my life ! I'll never forget !" And this
is exactly what this German idiot try to say ;) Greetings

Author cvty ( ago)
Mhm, ladies and gentleman ! This guy is an clear example of German lies
about II WW - we didn't start the war, we didn't kill people in death camps
(Poles did it, everybody heard about "Polish death camps"), we didn't rape
women, we didn't execute children, WE ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE II WW !!! SIEG
History is repeating itself...

Author Silvia Ginesta ( ago)

Author delavalmilker ( ago)
The point is that to compare the Titanic tragedy to the Wilhelm Gustloff is
ridiculous. It is an attempt to hijack what was a real accident and the
deaths of innocent people with something that occurred in wartime. A war,
by the way, that was started by the Germans for the purpose of enslaving
and/or exterminating an entire race. If the German people hadn't embraced
the Master Race theories of the Nazis, there would never have even BEEN a
sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff

Author delavalmilker ( ago)
A shipped named by Hitler himself, after a Swiss Nazi leader. And filled
with Nazi party officials fleeing the Russian "sub-humans" that they were
so certain that, years before when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, would
be immediately defeated and become slaves of the Master Race. A ship sunk
near the end of a genocidal war started by the Nazis themselves. You can
hardly compare that context to that of Titanic.

Author Paul Rene Spenard Sr ( ago)
As many times I listen to this, I still choke up. So very relaxing tho.

Author Nifc OTT ( ago)

Author Nifc OTT ( ago)
Correction my friend. WITHOUT HIM WE'RE NOTHING!

Author Nifc OTT ( ago)
Beautifully put my friend. Amen to that

Author yeehawwoohoo ( ago)
people often wonder why the world is such a shitty place today...well the
answer is simple, the vast majority of mankind has turned their backs on
God. We've grown arrogant, thinking we're too smart for him; but the truth
is...without Him, we're just selfish creatures.

Author carnutter360 ( ago)
lord, grant unto those who have passed on eternal light. give those who
mourn strength at this difficult time that they may know your healing
presence, guide and help them with your hand of love. we ask this is the
name of your son Jesus Christ Amen

Author Eduardo cabana ( ago)

Author Novvenguy ( ago)
André of the best. God bless you and your music more.

Author monty s ( ago)
there are a few songs that wil bring tears to a old soliders eyes this is
one of them i deicded to have this song played at my wife's memoria/funeral
service (may 19th 2012)

Author mary brasil 〈3 ( ago)
nosso melhor amigo deus.....

Author mary brasil 〈3 ( ago)
gloria deus...............

Author carnutter360 (647 years ago)
thankyou that means so much :-) I'm slowly getting back on my feet & moving
forward in life towards the brighter future

Author romman1974 ( ago)
Fantasic and touching !!!!

Author SmileLoveForgive ( ago)
In Jesus' name. Amen!

Author Nifc OTT ( ago)
Simply beautiful. Praise God and may he have pity on this wicked world we
live in today! Amen

Author MsEarthandsky ( ago)
I'm so sorry for you lost your Grandma, but come on your life is a girft
from God. He want to see you happy. So it's time to continue, go ahead. May
my God bless you..

Author MsEarthandsky ( ago)
Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! E'en though it be a cross that
raiseth me, still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to thee; nearer, my
God, to thee, nearer to thee! 2. Though like the wanderer, the sun gone
down, darkness be over me, my rest a stone; yet in my dreams I'd be nearer,
my God, to thee; nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

Author carnutter360 ( ago)
I'm here for you if you need somebody to talk to brother, I lost three
family members in 2 years :-( my grandad who I loved dearly died in may
this year :-( "bursts out in tears"

Author bronwyn west ( ago)
this is the best version of nearer my god to thee I have ever heard, and as
you listen to it you can,t help but see the titanic going down in your
minds eye. may the people who lost their lives that terrible night rest
peacefully in the arms of god, RIP

Author wowgoodtime ( ago)
well when its time its time

Author Travis Wolken ( ago)
*Cries more* I use to say when my Grandma died. It should be that's gone
from this world so I don't have to suffer from my asthma anymore but I
don't say that anymore.

Author Travis Wolken ( ago)
*Cries* RIP Grandma. My Grandma died April 14th, 2008. I miss her dearly.
my eyes are just watery and teary right now. I feel like I let her down by
not bringing her back by reviving her. *Cries Harder* I WISH SHE WAS HERE

Author jonathan davies ( ago)
lovely welsh hymn from the land of song

Author Roberta Gordon ( ago)
love this music

Author Bruce snyder ( ago)
All the children in first class were saved. All of the children in third
class perished.

Author MrMONACED ( ago)
A music like that is more than a memorial, even it's the soundtrack of a
movie, when you hear it you imagine the disaster and have a big trouble in
yourself thinking about all this people who died. R.I.P to them all

Author mzk000 bcn ( ago)
increible los pelos de punta !!

Author welshpete12 ( ago)
May the Good Lord let those poor souls who lost their lives on the Titanic,
rest in peace .

Author Schnitzelschitzen ( ago)
There is harmony in nature when man seeks to draw close to the presence of
their Creator, when it is finally enevitable that their mortality and
existance is at hand. It is the reality of our circumstance and the age old
migratory yearnings that reminds us of where we began. In all of our
wanderings, our foolish expectations, we again come to our senses and seek
the guiding voice that guides us to a safe refuge with a God who remembers
us as we were and we again become nearer to Him.

Author welshpete12 ( ago)
This hymn will be connected to the Titanic . May the good Lord rest their
souls !

Author xoxoepicrawrxD ( ago)
Hes so amazing

Author chelsea miller ( ago)
this is amazing i like it :)

Author Matti Rosenberg ( ago)
Todella kaunista musiikkia...

Author DeadIIHunter ( ago)
When I hear this song I always think of the Titanic

Author edwardlovezme ( ago)
the fact that music can produce such emotions to the point of producing
tears is amazing. andre rieu's concerts never fail to impress me.

Author BusinessClops ( ago)
Well Mr has been a privilege listening to you play tonight.

Author HazelLillies ( ago)

Author Ellie8969 ( ago)
Ssssh....I'm trying to listen to the music. Just like you instructed me to.

Author HazelLillies ( ago)
Being sarcastic?

Author dunemusic365 ( ago)

Author CRL73hippo ( ago)

Author Lowell Radder ( ago)
This is Beautiful. Everyday All of us move one Day closer my God to thee.

Author chickapac ( ago)
The audience looks as if they're acting or something ^_* sort of.

Author apiemunky ( ago)
May we all be nearer to God!!!!! This was played at my grandfather's
funeral, I've played this at funerals, this, along with psalm 23, will be
played at my funeral, I'm 25 years old and I wish for the day that I can
feel this close to our God!

Author Hades X (675 years ago)
It's believed this song was the last song that Titanic' orchestra played.

Author Ellie8969 ( ago)
Yes, everyone....HazelLillies is on the thread now, so you must do exactly
as he/she/it says, because he/she/it thinks so.

Author Pablo Alfonso ( ago)
@mollysangelique Ben ik een dwaas die u neemt? Ik denk het wel. Tot ziens
en God zegene u.

Author Pablo Alfonso ( ago)
@mollysangelique I do not understand anything. Better spell what? One
hundred thousand letters scattered meaningless. Am I a fool you are taking?
I think so. Goodbye and God bless you.

Author mollysangelique ( ago)

Author HazelLillies ( ago)
Everyone just shut up and listen to the music.

Author JohnS1704 ( ago)
@cytogenetics1 So easy , you would not believe it. How hard is it for you
to spell?

Author Michael Brennan ( ago)
@JohnS1704 how easy u must find it to b a bellend

Author Pablo Alfonso ( ago)
Beautiful himn, but not its Titanic

Author Rhaegar Targaryen ( ago)
HQ? Maybe in an alternate universe...

Author JohnS1704 (1453 years ago)
@juboolim1 Could hardly play it after it sank, could they?

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