André Rieu - Nearer my God to Thee (Titanic)

Copyright André Rieu! Amazing and beautiful performance!

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Author Philip Thomson (4 months)
A beautiful hymn, although there is some doubt as to whether it was
actually played as the Titanic was sinking, as has been depicted in popular
culture. Some survivors reported that the band played "Autumn Dream", which
was a popular waltz at the time.
In an emergency, the ships' band were expected to play music which was more
up-beat, in order to lift the spirits of those on board; it seems that the
sombre tones of "Nearer my God to Thee", would have had the opposite effect.
Apparently it was sung by the passengers and crew of the SS Valencia as it
sank off the Canadian coast in 1906, and this may be the source of the
Titanic legend.

Author dakotahstr (5 months)
we used to sing this in Church all the time when I was little

Author Arika R. M. (8 months)

Author Yemi Adeoye (5 months)
i hope all this new gospel artists can listen to old hymn because it make
people to draw to God. and appreciate the HOLY GOD for who he is....

Author Silvia Ginesta (5 months)

Author Malay Das (8 months)
Very well played.

Author Malay Das (8 months)
Very well played.

Author Colin Neile (2 years)
one of the most beautiful peices of music i have ever heard just stunning

Author Eduardo cabana (1 year)

Author jonathan davies (1 year)
lovely welsh hymn from the land of song

Author edwardlovezme (2 years)
the fact that music can produce such emotions to the point of producing
tears is amazing. andre rieu's concerts never fail to impress me.

Author limeliter (2 years)
Of course like all his performances this one to is beautiful. I was takn by
the two women in the audience that seem to be close friends and their
emotions in the concert yes, music does that and he performs some of the
best music. USA

Author JohnS1704 (2 years)
@juboolim1 Could hardly play it after it sank, could they?

Author apiemunky (2 years)
May we all be nearer to God!!!!! This was played at my grandfather's
funeral, I've played this at funerals, this, along with psalm 23, will be
played at my funeral, I'm 25 years old and I wish for the day that I can
feel this close to our God!

Author romman1974 (1 year)
Fantasic and touching !!!!

Author MrMONACED (2 years)
A music like that is more than a memorial, even it's the soundtrack of a
movie, when you hear it you imagine the disaster and have a big trouble in
yourself thinking about all this people who died. R.I.P to them all

Author VADERNASCAR45 (10 months)
*Cries so hard* R.I.P. my aunt. You're in Heaven with the angels now and
not suffering anymore. She died this year from Alheimerz Disease. I miss
her dearly I wish I could have brought her back I wish I could have saved
her but I couldn't I couldn't. Goodbye my aunt I'll miss you dearly R.I.P

Author carnutter360 (1 year)
thankyou that means so much :-) I'm slowly getting back on my feet & moving
forward in life towards the brighter future

Author hawkeyery14 (2 years)
I don't know what anyone is saying in their posts, but I'm assuming they
found this hymn as beautiful as I did!

Author Novvenguy (1 year)
André of the best. God bless you and your music more.

Author Nifc OTT (1 year)
Correction my friend. WITHOUT HIM WE'RE NOTHING!

Author Serch Prados (2 years)
Really nice... but I don't understand that this rich women with all these
jewels crying like a idiots!!...They cry while eat caviar!!! Buagh

Author ThanBaiHong Kong (1 year)
This song is really sad

Author HazelLillies (2 years)
Being sarcastic?

Author JohnS1704 (2 years)
@cytogenetics1 So easy , you would not believe it. How hard is it for you
to spell?

Author juboolim1 (2 years)
I remember when I was in school in the 1958, one of my English teachers
told us how this piece was played by the musicians on board the Titanic
before it sank. How sad it must have been. jb lim Malaysia

Author Silvia Ginesta (1 year)

Author Judy S. (2 years)

Author Javand jb (1 year)
BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

Author Bruce snyder (2 years)
All the children in first class were saved. All of the children in third
class perished.

Author ugaritek (2 years)
Słuchają muzyki w wykonaniu Andre ,widzę świat w różowszych kolorach
.Dziękuje ,i graj jak najdłużej brawo.

Author Hades X (2 years)
It's believed this song was the last song that Titanic' orchestra played.

Author jan jo (9 months)
ty andre

Author Askerban (2 years)
@Zhersh1 because money and objects have nothing to do with emotion. We are
all human, rich and poor. Also, dont judge someone based on appearance,
just because they look like they have nice things, doesn't mean they are
rich either...

Author wifeofmurtagh (2 years)
i'd like to think that when the choir sings, it's the 1500 people that died
on that ship

Author Silvia Ginesta (11 months)
I agree

Author cvty (1 year)
You're absolutely right, don't argue with this Nazi idiot. This is a kind
of arogance - I killed your mother, then I spent several years in prison
and now I say : "ok, I'm victim of this crime, why did you do this ? Why
did you send me to prison adn ruin my life ! I'll never forget !" And this
is exactly what this German idiot try to say ;) Greetings

Author Pepprina Malt (1 year)
Excellent rendition. Thank you.

Author Night Shadow (9 months)
Like if u r listening to this and thinking of the titanic sinking scenes in
ur head

Author James Scott (1 year)
you don't have to be Christian to respect the beauty of this hymn...truly
tearful right now

Author Ellie8969 (2 years)
Yes, everyone....HazelLillies is on the thread now, so you must do exactly
as he/she/it says, because he/she/it thinks so.

Author Ivan Dominik Horvat (1 year)
Your comment has sent chills down my spine.

Author Bruno Lage (2 years)
Beautiful !!!

Author MaestroFire (2 years)
HQ? Maybe in an alternate universe...

Author TomashNash (2 years)
Ich mag Musik !

Author TheFuamus (2 years)
Brilliant!!! I got goosebumbs all over! Very beautiful!

Author yeehawwoohoo (1 year)
people often wonder why the world is such a shitty place today...well the
answer is simple, the vast majority of mankind has turned their backs on
God. We've grown arrogant, thinking we're too smart for him; but the truth
is...without Him, we're just selfish creatures.

Author bEzo3144CK (1 year)
Ik zag dit voor het eerst op de Duitse televisie en dit lied maakte zeer
grote indruk. Ik moest dit hebben doch kon het nooit afspelen. Tot de
crematie van mijn vader, het moest daar gespeeld worden. Het deed alle
aanwezigen goed en liet diepe indruk achter. Het werd zelfs niet 1 maal
doch 3 maal gespeeld.

Author welshpete12 (2 years)
May the Good Lord let those poor souls who lost their lives on the Titanic,
rest in peace .

Author CRL73hippo (2 years)

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