Police: Child Found Eating Her Own Skin

A Virginia couple is facing felony child abuse charges after police found their 6-year-old daughter caged and eating flakes of her own skin inside their Gloucester County home. (May 4)

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Author Natasha Hopper (Honeybabe2277) ( ago)
Poor kids. It's a shame that people would treat their kids like that. Hell,
if you don't want to be an actual 'parent' put them up for adoption, im
sure that infertile couples/ gay couples would be happy to take them! <3

Author Jose Valadez ( ago)
i want t know what the inmates do to these people,just knowing they get
locked up does not satisfy me

Author Lindsay Boswell ( ago)
....and Baby Boxes are inhumane? When people are too selfish to care for
their kid you think they will risk going to prison for them?
Baby Box -- a way in which both the parent (for "good" or "bad" reason-s-)
that cannot or will not provide a stable home. Guess what? The box is
better. If even it was just "drop off and kill baby box" it would have more
than people like this give.

Author Lindsay Boswell ( ago)
I'm no professional, but this sounds like HOLY SHIT SYNDROME to me.

Author Linda Fields ( ago)
They both need the same treatment they gave those little children forever
and ever. You cannot be rehabilitated from inhuman behavior so you must
therefore be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I personally agree
with public hanging and have no pity for them. Anyone who knew any of this
needs to be punished right along with abusers for by their silence they
condoned the behavior. I recognized long ago that I could not work in the
area of social services that dealt with child abuse for my feelings are so
strong about this that I would become judge, jury and executioner.

Author TheMaleka1 ( ago)
I am pissed off at these two, I hope they mess up these two in jail.
Prayers for these children that they are safe & happy where ever they are.
Blessings for the child that god have taken from this earth to be with him.

Author Angelo Luna ( ago)
the child didn't eat her skin, damn misleading titles.

Author yarene garcia ( ago)
Those little butt holes I would kill them

Author megan M ( ago)

Author XXISimplicityXXI ( ago)
Is it me or does the couple look like they're siblings

Author tanya dickey ( ago)
could someone please get this to Mr Tommy Sotomayor

Author dalya osman ( ago)
i cant imaging that how they do that to their own baby they deserve to live
in the same case that they put their child in i hope they dieeeeeeeeeeee

Author ashlie thornsberry ( ago)
Thats so nasty. How could people do this to there child?

Author Tori lynne ( ago)
These people disgust me. They deserve to sit in prison until the day they
day and rot in hell

Author Shelly White ( ago)
How the hell can anyone do this to a child? 

Author Shelly White ( ago)
How the hell can anyone do this to a child? 

Author amanda gamboa ( ago)
Fucking bastards

Author London Schuster ( ago)
Oh what in the heck...? ;_;

Author Bakanur1 ( ago)
Holy. Fuck.

Author an0therbottl3d0wn ( ago)

Author Jamia Coleman ( ago)
I will have sex with her♥

Author Matthew M. Ramshaw ( ago)
forced sterilization - harsh I know - but warranted with scum like this

Author TheGoldenbrood ( ago)
Inbred family, no doubt.

Author Adrian Robinson ( ago)
What a cruel world we live in

Author kathy twoacctsunder803 ( ago)
How did they know to look under the shed?

Author Anon Girl ( ago)
For all the racist retards claiming that "only niggers" kill their young:
I present Exhibit A, White Trash Edition. 

Author E Ramirez ( ago)
The world: you have to get a license before you drive but you can be a
parent anytime XO

Author jamie morgan ( ago)
they never should've had children sorry ass trash need to be put under the

Author maggie mcmillion ( ago)
To think we're sitting here talking about a girl eating her OWN SKIN! But
what I don't think you all quite heard was THEY MURDERED THIER OWN CHILD

Author MrMarkpark ( ago)
wait, they live in a trailer? I don't, I can't, I won't believe it. 

Author 8journey8 ( ago)
This clip is 2 years old. I wonder what happened to the child, where is
she now? Is she okay?

Author agenthelios1 ( ago)
.....Virginia and trailer park....need I say more? This is where all the
money from welfare goes to support these kinds of degenerates so they can
breed more and more!

Author Andrick Morales ( ago)
Oh my god this is why no kids

Author therock951000 ( ago)
the police should burn this monsters and piss on the ashes

Author Ying Yang ( ago)
Parents should be neutered and castrated by an unlicenced butcher

Author Willie Wasaska (wazxa12) ( ago)

Author Jodie Ciera ( ago)
What assholes.

Author shokar1976 ( ago)
you 2 fuckers gonna BURN in hell

Author mightysun89 ( ago)
I always wonder why people like this have children, where nice parents who
want to have kids cannot have them.

Author Robin Hill ( ago)
what the hell..if they would start skinning these people alive i guarantee
this shit would just about completely stop! 

Author Cannibal Hamburger ( ago)
lock them in a cage to where they have to eat there skin

Author redman7771red17 ( ago)
White people..........

Author sophia dragongem ( ago)
that is just NOT FUCKING RIGHT what the fuck is wrong with those people
they need to be sliced to death with a damn hot dog ;(

Author Ape6390 ( ago)
It's times like this that I wish a real "Dexter" were around.

Author Sam Piazza ( ago)
and just think, they wouldn't have even gotten caught had a robbery not
have been suspected to happen at there place

Author Ginae T ( ago)
Prison?Really?They deserve a slow long painful death for this

Author Anisha Holden ( ago)
you need a license to drive, to have a gun, and you sometimes even need a
certificate to serve fast food but anybody can have a child... they are an
example of people who should never have been allowed to have children

Author I RexIsAlive ( ago)
They Dont deserve life in prison the deserve death row

Author JamKaret ( ago)
I know the father of the wife and used to work with him, apparently, from
his story it was more the husband and wife was scared to step up to him...
not saying its true, just what I was told. BTW in the case they both got
35 years I believe, may of been 55..

Author Alice Oncler ( ago)
rofl it's called "Use a condom"

Author ROTCgoth2be453 ( ago)
We're feeding these people in jail? This is disgusting.

Author blanginit ( ago)
forget the trial, viscious dogs dont get trials, they get put down.

Author Always Weird ( ago)
put them in a cage!

Author Melanie Cairns ( ago)
o my god they sould hurt the people that did that WHAT A SHAME ON THE

Author Kristin Jenkins ( ago)
Honestly, kill them

Author Buffalo Kat ( ago)
i hope they get raped in prison

Author smoyertastic ( ago)
Oh my goodness....

Author Irishjamie73 ( ago)
They should fry these a- holes!

Author Jean Kirstein ( ago)
But no, they'll go away for life and you and I will be stuck boarding them
with the taxes we give to the government. Bullshit right?

Any type of pedophile, one time or a hundred are not innocent, they steal
innocence It is such a severe offense to humanity that the only real way we
humans feel justice, at times,is torturing
molesters,pedophiles,rapists,child killers, ect,because it its just.
Torture is what those kids have to endure for the rest of their lives,if
they are not already dead, from what was done to them. In a perfect
world,the only people ever raped in prison would be those scum, eye for
eye, tooth for tooth

For those of you who do not believe that there is such a thing as evil in
the world, I present you this...

Author I Hate Google+ ( ago)
The thing about that is, while again, acting on pedophilia is a horrible
crime, doing some of the things I've seen people recommend to do to them
(One instance I've actually seen was where they said the pedo should have
been brutally raped and cut, along with a few other disturbing things I
can't remember off the top of my head) are so much worse that it makes me
wonder. I can kind of get the victim(s), but when random people who only
know "hey that guy might be bad" think it, it's wrong. /rant

Author I Hate Google+ ( ago)
While I admit what these two did is fucking HORRIBLE (to say the least),
some of the suggestions are just saddening. "Put the parents in a cage and
leave them in a desert somewhere." rant Honestly, there's a lot of evil in
the world, but it doesn't help when people hope the pricks in the world are
tortured, especially considering it's typically worse. For instance,
accused, one time pedophiles (i.e. "innocent" people who've committed one
horrible crime) are typically met with torture threats.

Author randoomstudioz ( ago)
I guess you're right..

Author Mel M ( ago)
that's disgusting, some people seriously should not have children in this

Author kris snow ( ago)
which ones?

Author Jodi Dane ( ago)
Poor baby, that's so sad.

Author Monét Lipford ( ago)
Wow. So sad

Author Bikramjit Kandola ( ago)
wat do u even mean? just think for a minute and look at ur profile picture

Author QueenGregJock04 ( ago)
and humorous!

Author QueenGregJock04 ( ago)
haha eat your skin. pig.

Author Bikramjit Kandola ( ago)
my birthday is on may 4 and now it will never be the same

Author Stephanie Demeranville ( ago)
put the parents in a cage and leave them in the desert somewhere.

Author Kecia Davis ( ago)

Author rarevintageblue ( ago)
Wtf. These two people need to be killed for this shit

Author Nasir White ( ago)

Author nenaYoungblood ( ago)
i remember seeing this on the news

Author Angel Atwood ( ago)

Author lola bigcups ( ago)
why wouldn't they give her to the state if she was such a problem! crazy
ass mothetfuckers.

Author bournemouthlass ( ago)
Megatruegenius is a megafuckingidiot. I worked with people with serious
learning disabilities and physical disabilities and they were the most
amazing client group I've worked with. Yes it was very difficult at times
but I would never have thought of putting them in cages! They're people,
not animals! The parents of this child should have sought apropriate help
or put her into foster care, anything else is simply abusive and disgusting!

Author ana maria ( ago)

Author involuntaryanalysis ( ago)
Which is why I operate under the assumption no one is the same. BTW I'm
white, but your generalization remains valid.

Author gotita de amor ( ago)
what? you don't put a kid on a cage that is abuse..poor kids..omg

Author xXEilonwyXx ( ago)
That would set us back... like... Dark Ages Back? The punishments cannot be
as severe as the perpetrators invoking it. If anything this should bring up
more the idea of regulated breeding? Most people that have kids didn't want
them, they wanted the intercourse that happened 9 months prior...

Author IXM360 ( ago)

Author Alex A ( ago)
What about an angry mob though?

Author IXM360 ( ago)
The state shouldn't kill, it's hypocritical.

Author withien ( ago)
some people shouldnt have kids.

Author soeffinjuicy36 ( ago)
But then they get to "Eat".And they clearly don't deserve that!Hang They
Asses SLOWLY after they reach the point of Starvation!

Author joy schiva ( ago)
eaw skin ops sorry im eatin ma own thumb

Author BRUCE LEE ( ago)
No wonder white people act creepy. They assume everyone is the same..

Author Stephany Valencia ( ago)
Two stupid fucks who deserve to die after putting those poor children after
that. Poor kids, godless...

Author ricwhyte whyte ( ago)
I totally agree its bleeding hearts like you pandana that are against the
death penalty hanging is to good for them give them the chair but slow
voltage to the max with no mask to hide their eye balls watch their
eyeballs pop out of their head as their blood boils in their veins DONT

Author shrhe eyewyy ( ago)
Being locked up is worse then being hung, you sit in the same damn room

Author GuessWhat123411 ( ago)
Damn. Who would kill and lock up innocent children to the point where there
eating they're own skin!! That is sad. I am disappointed in these people.

Author ashley shell ( ago)
no fantasy i think he deserves slow torture people like him end up cold
blooded killers with no remorse he really deserves slow torture and death a
billion times then to be set fire in hell left to rot

Author ashley shell ( ago)
And your stupid and fucking deserve torture these poor kids have you no
heart people like you turn out cold blooded killers and go ahead with the
jokes you deserve worse than torture you deserve worse than death YOU

Author Murphy Star ( ago)
make me

Author Murphy Star ( ago)
omg your so mean! nobody deserves that.

Author Murphy Star ( ago)
nobody likes comment

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