Whispering Smith - Death at Even Money

Gambler Frankie Wisdom bets Markson that Markson can't prevent him from causing the death of Smith (Audie Murphy).

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Author carl reed (5 months)
Audie Murphy was one of my favorite actors and was my childhood hero when I
read about his Medal of Honor. He suffered deeply from PTSD but it had no
name then. I am sure it led to his poor health and Death at an early age.

Author PW Craig (1 year)
Boring. Sam Buffington killed himself to get away from Audie. Audie is
rotting in hell for all the people he has killed. Glorified killer!

Author Dbestrealestateguy (1 year)
never saw this before

Author Allen Woodall (2 years)
Great Western classic. That should have had more seasons. Great actors with
a little bit of humor.

Author zardon4 (1 year)
July 10, 1961 according to Wikipedia. However if you check the copyright
date it was filmed in 1960, shortly before the suicide of actor Sam
Buffington (Audie Murphy's co-star in this series). The earliest episodes
were made in 1959, but the bulk of the series was made the following year.
Probably some in 1961 as well, but I'm not sure. So the 26 episodes are
really spread out over 2 seasons. It's easy to spot the second year,
because the Revue Studios logo is different at the end.

Author Dbestrealestateguy (1 year)
never saw this befo

Author Adrienne Balich (1 year)
This third program of Whispering Smith Death at Even Money was good and
Audie Murphy is always excellent in westerns and all the other casts in it
were good thank you.

Author Jennifer Tomes (1 year)
When was this first broadcast?

Author Michael Harris (1 year)
nice flick murphy was good in this was differnt kind of western

Author Nannette King (2 years)
one good looking man .

Author Dbestrealestateguy (1 year)
i can see why this dint last even murphy could not save the script

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