Karl Pilkington: "Ugerly" [HD]

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Author alex nhy (1789 years ago)

Author Connor Byrne ( ago)

Author chris doyle ( ago)
80 percent of people in london are ugly and they are all fucking ,So the
future is bleak

Author moon starr ( ago)
just the opposite will happen. everyone will have plastic surgery for face
and various body parts..especially women. but men are having more and more
work done. it's already happened. porn on demand has changed society. the
under 40s in America all have perfect teeth....orthodontics is a huge
business here. look at hollywood....most have veneers. 

Author appleloveTK ( ago)
I doubt looks will make any difference at all. Beauty is subjective, there
is literally a country today that finds obese women attractive. Because of
that they overfeed children at an early age because that society finds
obese women beautiful..

So they are clearly still having it off :P. We are all a product of our
society, when you think about it we are taught at a young age what is and
what isn't beautiful. We are also taught to think what is right and what

That's why people say "Travel broadens the mind," you get to experience a
different way of thinking and living. Who's to say the way other people
live is wrong or right? Unless you're religious, morality is based on
whatever is socially acceptable in your society at a certain time, which is
always changing..

Author CounterNerd ( ago)

Author ‫צאַר האָלי‬‎ ( ago)
school phoho

Author Johnny Shitcock ( ago)
The best thing that has ever happened to me was finding a cunt book
(Razzle) in a puddle.You got to see the bumhole in Razzle....

Author Reuben Hayward ( ago)
If everyone's ugly, then really no one is ugly. Because ugly is then
normal. So if you're pretty average at the moment, get with someone as
average as you, because according to Karl hot people wont exist like we
know it, in the future so then your kids will be like gods..? 

Author Sylph Natural ( ago)
The pinkie finger is important, we just don't realise it.

Author Wackyfox ( ago)

Author aednil ( ago)
he´s got a point, the pinky is really useless. i for one would much rather
wanna have a second opposable thumb. people with two thumbs on each hand
would be unstoppable.

Author Youtube User ( ago)

Author Llama ( ago)
my little pilkington: karl is magic

Author Tomofob221 ( ago)

Author Niclas Lindahl ( ago)
I used to read comics whenever I was taking a shit. But after I found out
about Karl pilkington I use my wireless headphones and take Karl with me.
Better than any comicbook!

Author Joe Whitehouse ( ago)

Author Jelmer van Groningen ( ago)
Love the drawings of the "ugerly" people.

Author Minerguy341 ( ago)
it'll be like a cartoon, four fingers

Author Sean P ( ago)
I was just waiting for Karl to mention Steve's looks during the whole
ugerly no avail

Author Chris S. ( ago)
the pinky 'sits there watching' XD ROFL oh geeze. can't get enough of this

Author Joe Whitehouse ( ago)
They laughed when carl said that the little finger will be gone soon but
scientists have proven that the little finger is actually getting shorter
and shorter and in a few thousand years it should be gone completely! :D

Author superhamzah85 ( ago)
The pink acts like a tail, it's quite important distributing force
efficiently and as support.

Author Areo Hotah ( ago)
Have you moved onto the XFM shows yet? They are even better. You can lose
hours listening to those (and re-listening to them).

Author rainesalatte ( ago)
Believe it or not, Karl is on to something there. My Anthropology professor
once told us that as humans continue to evolve, we will eventually lose our
pinkies (fingers and toes) because they serve little, if any, purpose.

Author Oliver Ansell ( ago)
0:56 - The last "ugerly" made me laugh SO much. Ou-ger-lih!

Author maxcohen13 ( ago)
The cartoonist who did Merch was rather generous.

Author Mounted Dragoon ( ago)
It's sort of like London now, lol

Author MrNeckCrack ( ago)
This show is like my own personal narnia, I never knew it existed but it's
like fuckin magic when discovered and binge watched

Author riley chev ( ago)
Hahaa thanks for the upload.

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