Catching Wild African and American Cichlids in Australia

These fish were caught using bread and a yabby net in a pond in Victoria, Australia. Apparently been here for 30 years+

They survive because a power plant keeps the water warm all year round.

Main fish found were

Tilapia, Red Devil, African Zebra, Convict

There is HEAPS of hybridization here. I think its cos of such high numbers and because the water is not clear.

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Author Nabiihah Lotun ( ago)
woww *-*

Author Benny Moreno ( ago)
All those fish that they got do they go to martk for sell

Author Steve o ( ago)
I'm gonna be pretty honest, I wish I could catch my own ... My tank would
look a lot better than the usual fish they carry at pet stores ! ! I bet
they see awesome species all the time ! ! 

Author bodyboardrep ( ago)
What part of brisbane is This? 

Author Daniel Isaacs ( ago)
Hey where did you catch them?

Author johnchigovajrosaki ( ago)
Convict is a south American cichlid 

Author Tyryn Worn ( ago)
Hazel wood poundage guys 2hr and 20 minute drive from Melbourne

Author fiona basso ( ago)
Where are you

Author Pedro4490 ( ago)
they are not worth much, they would be worth as wild caught if they were
from the African lakes or the Amazon. They said there were hybrids there,
so pretty much worthless. Anyway, I'm not against feral populations in
different parts of the world, in the long run, new species will appear in
places they didnt had a chance to go. If they do not affect native species,
that is great.

Author 12Achilleas ( ago)
You can't believe how much thaws fishes would worth in a pet shop probably
even 130€ a fish because they are wild caught

Author adarkerlink ( ago)
it is said tilapia not talapia...and as strange as it seems,both american
and african cichlids managed to survive and thrive in australia,how did
they end there? fish dumping,moron.

Author NebSegdoh ( ago)
Im in USA Tampa, Florida and we have a lot of cichlids here in our lakes
also. Not so many as you have there. With a lot of rains washing out fish
breeder's Some of them spill out to rivers from what I have read in some
news post. This is not a lie. Here its not like that but yes we do have
them here in the wild now.

Author azza4740 ( ago)
Been there myself with my brother probably about 9 years ago and caught
some electric blue, convict's and something else. The next step is go to
Edward hunter reserve in Moe and catch mosquito fish to feed to them :)

Author TransistorZero ( ago)
That's money

Author laiyenma ( ago)
awsomeee!i wanna go there!

Author Alishia Powell ( ago)
Thank you!!!!! Sorry I didn't see this comment when I asked!

Author Alishia Powell ( ago)
I live in Victoria. Can you please tell me where this pond is? I have been
an cichlid enthusiast for over 20 years. I would LOVE to catch some. They
are gorgeous! I even got some of mine to mate, then my ex-husband put them
in cold water like a total moron. I could have killed him. lol

Author Dave Gay ( ago)
Thats freakin awesome. thats a lot more than 100 bucks worth of fish too

Author Antonio Navarro ( ago)
wowowoow i want to buy some from you 2!! cool let me know thecrazy88tony &

Author Barry Kelly ( ago)
Millions of tilapia in Australia. In Qld fines of >$200,000 apply if caught
in possession, altho $2000 was what one Mag Ct in Cairns imposed. Orig from
3 known strains. The Red Devils are a newie as are the Convicts! (it is
Australia after all so convicts feel at home!) altho warm southern US seems
to have Red Devils in their canals

Author acuarismo perù ( ago)
acuarismoperu com

Author air bagged ( ago)
You're an idiot.....People have dumped the fish into the pond which is
constantly at 22 degrees celcius, It is in no way is a place
called hazelwood pondage in victoria australia.....Don't comment if you
know FUCK ALL about the place...Idiot.

Author hardblade1 ( ago)
Look at the tilapyaa!

Author LoverDino ( ago)
what fish DONT you lucky bastards have!

Author Andrew Klinkermann ( ago)
this is real, there are thousands of these things in a powerstations water
dam, even so that they were gonna put barramundi in there, but then they
were planning to shut it down cause of the carbon tax, funding stopped then
they decided they werent going to shut itt anymore

Author RUNNINGRIOT318 (1973 years ago)
make more vids like this idk y but i rly liked this

Author Dylan DeThomas ( ago)
Where are the oscars

Author 1eyeclops ( ago)
Cool! Can you post another video showing them close up?

Author King kong kuey ( ago)
"african cichlids are from africa"!! no shit sherlock, i thought they were
from the antarctic!! thanks for clarifying that for us all :) tilapia are
very widespread due to the range of water they have survive in.

Author Kim Sheeler ( ago)
this is soooo fake. First of all african cichlids are from lakes in AFRICA.
Convicts are from SOUTH AMERICA. and a talapia????

Author Daryl Hutchins ( ago)
Dumping is one theory. Another is that some very pig-headed, militant
"authorities" did it (knowing it was "safe" to do so) to support their
anti-aquarium fish philosophy.

Author emmanuel921000 ( ago)
is this real? this is pretty cool, didnt know theyd be able to survive in
victorian temps.

Author TheKust0mFreak1 ( ago)
Where you catch them in Victoria mate ?

Author Pure4Kicks ( ago)
Convicts? aren't they from South America?

Author Pure4Kicks ( ago)
Man that's fucked

Author dttruon ( ago)
you've done what? your anger is directed towards me because....???? i'm
just gonna lie down and die?

Author herpesleprechaun ( ago)
@pufferfish101101 who gives a fuck theyre catching out an introduces
species out of a waterway, they should be thanked moron

Author AllAlaskan907 ( ago)
How did all those different species end up there? People dumping thier fish

Author Wilson Tan ( ago)
@agelow fuck so much send me some

Author dttruon ( ago)
@misswoohoo2 it's sad to see that even your english and grammar is
substandard to most asians. you should go back to china and learn english
as it should be written and used! then upon being re-educated, think
whether your evilness is the reason why god made your kid depends on an air
tube through his nose. ever explained to that poor kid why god hates him so
much instead of yourself? so sad.

Author Bigshrimp351 ( ago)
@fredofray Watch and weep fredo , it ain't bullshit .

Author 81mrmusicman ( ago)
fredofry there are many people who unfortuantley release these species into
our water ways all the time, and as cichlids are hardy fish they can
practically breed/ survive any where!!! I live in Cairns and cairns has
alot of water drain through out the town and there are shit loads of
tilapia every where, so not uncommon for them to be through out aussie

Author LoverDino ( ago)
fucking australia has EVERYTHING

Author microiguana ( ago)
what did you do with them?

Author liquidbrickle ( ago)
@fredofray Why not?

Author liquidbrickle ( ago)
@RickyV97 yeah where they come from naturally. not fucking Australia.

Author fredofray (294 years ago)
thats bullshit theres no way they caught african south and central american
cichlids all in the exact same spot esp in Australia or where ever

Author blackghostknife11 ( ago)
@RickyV97 agreed

Author jay cutler ( ago)
you are going to put them in a tank or not?

Author Study Breaks Chad ( ago)
There is nothing wrong with catching these fish. they do not belong in
those waters and may not survive if that power plant is shut down. Bet you
don't complain when your eating fried fish with tartar sauce so stfu.

Author Study Breaks Chad ( ago)
@amorning1976 hybridization does occur in the wild...

Author Adir Shwartz ( ago)
i dont think thay tasty.... here in israel sale them in 70 shakel(israel
mony) like 20 $ each

Author SpineDaz ( ago)
@29adir I think most people catch them to put in aquariums but I guess ya
could eat them haha.

Author Adir Shwartz ( ago)
@SpineDaz hahah i gat it what are you do whit theam ??? eat? growe
in up in aquareom? sory for my english=\

Author OLP Clan ( ago)
im so going there since im in vic

Author SpineDaz ( ago)
@29adir These fish do NOT naturally occur here. They were introduced. They
only survive because the power station heats the water. When the old coal
fired power station closes that will spell the end to all the tropical fish
in this lake because it is too cold for them to survive. I see no problem
with removing FERAL animals from an environment where they dont belong.

Author Jason Fernandez ( ago)
@DIYaquarist There are no hybrids in that trap. Blue mbuna, tilapia, mayan
cichlids, red devils. No hybrids. For you to think hybridization is a
naturally occuring phenomon is misguided. Hybridazation is more likely in
captivity where environmental spawning triggers are obsured & lack of
suitable mates.

Author Jason Fernandez ( ago)
This video rocks! I'd love to be able to do that here.

Author Adir Shwartz ( ago)
i dont like thet....cuz you pupile taek the fish from wehre the reali live
and destroy the nature

Author Schofield131 ( ago)
wow coool..... i am in nsw

Author Prince Kehy ( ago)
preetty...but probably not a good sign

Author AznReflex ( ago)

Author DIYaquarist ( ago)
see if you can breed the hybrids and sell them

Author Caleb Ott ( ago)
@xxproimage Victoria like in AUSTRALIA!

Author xxproimage ( ago)
@agelow victoria like in vancover?

Author jack550073 ( ago)
cichilds are ment to be kep as pets not food or sport

Author Fishmaniac420 ( ago)
Yeah man I live in Canada if there was a way to ship up a bunch of
different fish I'd pay you for it.

Author Chee HAng ( ago)

Author Derek Ta ( ago)
did those fish die? what did you do with the cichlids

Author ibtechsavvy ( ago)
were they released by other people? they dont look native to australia lol.

Author agelow ( ago)
@jed1234100 hazelwood pondage

Author agelow ( ago)
@nuggetwetyou hey these are not cold water cichlids. the water is
permanently above 20 degrees because its next to a power station.

Author agelow ( ago)
@TandTfishpro hazelwood pondage, victoria

Author agelow ( ago)
@notmyselfsober hey dude. hazelwood pondage near hazelwood power station.
google it. its about hours away from melbourne

Author Daniel McElhiney ( ago)
man would i love to do that I want some

Author TandTfishpro ( ago)
where in the world is this?

Author 4Boangs ( ago)
Is tilapia is belongs to cichlids family ??

Author Praveen501 ( ago)
hahaha, fat guy with small fish...

Author nuggetwetyou ( ago)
wow, thats awesome., do you know of any places in nsw that have these
'coldwater cichlids"?

Author jed1234100 ( ago)
Were in Vic what lake

Author frank Lea ( ago)
@agelow Thats nice i have 7 african cichlids in my 55 gallon they are very
smart fish

Author agelow ( ago)
@thetricksandtips threw most of them back. took about 10 of the blue zebras
home and 2 devils. had them in my tank for a few months, the gave them away
to friends

Author frank Lea ( ago)
What did you do with the cichlids

Author Hayden Glockner ( ago)
ok thanks for that might cheek it out been told about that place by a few
people now

Author agelow ( ago)
hazelwood pondage

Author agelow ( ago)
@misswoohoo2 haha.

Author agelow ( ago)
@mroel88 yup hazelwood pondange

Author agelow ( ago)
@haydenglo hazelwood pondage, victoria, australia

Author agelow ( ago)
@MapleManiac10 "cichlids are meant to be pets" - yes, so we kept them. "not
caught, let them back go" - we released most of them back. These arent
native in Australia, they are actually pests

Author MapleManiac10 ( ago)
ass wholes cichlids are ment to be pets no caught let them back go

Author Hayden Glockner ( ago)
nice catch where was the place you got them

Author Hayden Glockner ( ago)
awesome catch where did you catch them?

Author fingerboarder329 ( ago)
@ELITEemoHUNTER um yea i would what if u were taken from your place and put
in the strange places that way small

Author misswoohoo2 ( ago)
stuid fucken asian. go back to china and catch fish there.

Author mroel88 ( ago)
@AussieRedneck09 Think its Hazelwood pondage.

Author mroel88 ( ago)
@pufferfish101101 When you're catching pest fish in a man made environment,
for some reason, I don't think primary industries is going to care. Btw,
people swim in that lake!

Author Aussie Redneck ( ago)
Sugarloaf Resevouir..???

Author disgustipated420 ( ago)
dude you are just like jesus!!

Author agelow ( ago)
you should not eat fish then.

Author fingerboarder329 ( ago)
@agelow for cathching them leave them out in the water

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