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Author Benny Moreno (4 months)
All those fish that they got do they go to martk for sell

Author Steve o (5 months)
I'm gonna be pretty honest, I wish I could catch my own ... My tank would
look a lot better than the usual fish they carry at pet stores ! ! I bet
they see awesome species all the time ! ! 

Author Daniel Isaacs (6 months)
Hey where did you catch them?

Author JAMSAQUARIUMS1239 (1 year)
I live in brisbane at the stream down the road there are tons of fish and
quite a few american and african cichlids aswell I will catch some one time
when I buy my

Author johnchigovajrosaki (6 months)
Convict is a south American cichlid 

Author bodyboardrep (6 months)
What part of brisbane is This? 

Author JAMSAQUARIUMS1239 (1 year)
oh cool are you going to keep those as aquarium fish?

Author Morgan Freechild (11 months)
Hey @agelow just wondering what bait did you use in your traps and hooks?
Also how long did you leave those traps in?

Author JAMSAQUARIUMS1239 (1 year)
those are for pets for fish hobbyists and for breeding.

Author Anthony Snell (10 months)
I hope you used them for fertilizer. Be alot better that letting them back
into the cooling pond. Its such a bad thing to do. I cant believe people
would rather see invasive species survive than our unique natives! -.-

Author Johnson Chung (1 year)
Wow are you going to keep those 

Author luke molly (1 year)
good way of fucking up our lakes and systems...

Author Anthony Snell (10 months)
I hope you used them for fertilizer. Be alot better that letting them back
into the cooling pond. Its such a bad thing to do. I cant believe people
would rather see invasive species survive than our unique natives! -.-

Author Jesse Zissou (1 year)
The above comment.. if you say they are meant to be kept as pets, why the
fuck would you be saying to let them go? Obviously by the australian
accents it is not canada. $100 a fish they reckon? Theyre worth fuck all.
ZERO. Stupid

Author TheHagen83 (1 year)
Spacken ey!

Author danturbo316 (1 year)
nutz....if these guys reach other bodies of water...

Author blake wakelin (1 year)
The water there stays at around 26 dg c all year because of the power
station using it as a cooling pond ,the fish wouldn't survive the winter in
any other body of water in Victoria ,worthless cichlids but still beautiful
and fun to catch 

Author gesman5000 (1 year)
Ok so its a place called hazelwood pondage it is a cooling pond in victoria
australia people dump their unwanted pet cichlids

Author TandTfishpro (3 years)
where in the world is this?

Author Daryl Hutchins (2 years)
Dumping is one theory. Another is that some very pig-headed, militant
"authorities" did it (knowing it was "safe" to do so) to support their
anti-aquarium fish philosophy.

Author xxproimage (3 years)
@agelow victoria like in vancover?

Author ibtechsavvy (3 years)
were they released by other people? they dont look native to australia lol.

Author jack550073 (3 years)
cichilds are ment to be kep as pets not food or sport

Author Alishia Powell (2 years)
Thank you!!!!! Sorry I didn't see this comment when I asked!

Author Pedro4490 (1 year)
they are not worth much, they would be worth as wild caught if they were
from the African lakes or the Amazon. They said there were hybrids there,
so pretty much worthless. Anyway, I'm not against feral populations in
different parts of the world, in the long run, new species will appear in
places they didnt had a chance to go. If they do not affect native species,
that is great.

Author MapleManiac10 (4 years)
ass wholes cichlids are ment to be pets no caught let them back go

Author Kim Sheeler (2 years)
this is soooo fake. First of all african cichlids are from lakes in AFRICA.
Convicts are from SOUTH AMERICA. and a talapia????

Author agelow (4 years)
@misswoohoo2 haha.

Author DIYaquarist (3 years)
see if you can breed the hybrids and sell them

Author blackghostknife11 (3 years)
@RickyV97 agreed

Author agelow (4 years)
@fingerboarder329 ??

Author Study Breaks Chad (3 years)
There is nothing wrong with catching these fish. they do not belong in
those waters and may not survive if that power plant is shut down. Bet you
don't complain when your eating fried fish with tartar sauce so stfu.

Author dttruon (3 years)
you've done what? your anger is directed towards me because....???? i'm
just gonna lie down and die?

Author Pure4Kicks (3 years)
Convicts? aren't they from South America?

Author fiona basso (1 year)
Where are you

Author NebSegdoh (2 years)
Im in USA Tampa, Florida and we have a lot of cichlids here in our lakes
also. Not so many as you have there. With a lot of rains washing out fish
breeder's Some of them spill out to rivers from what I have read in some
news post. This is not a lie. Here its not like that but yes we do have
them here in the wild now.

Author Study Breaks Chad (3 years)
@amorning1976 hybridization does occur in the wild...

Author TheKust0mFreak1 (3 years)
Where you catch them in Victoria mate ?

Author Jason Fernandez (3 years)
This video rocks! I'd love to be able to do that here.

Author 1eyeclops (2 years)
Cool! Can you post another video showing them close up?

Author fingerboarder329 (4 years)
@ELITEemoHUNTER um yea i would what if u were taken from your place and put
in the strange places that way small

Author Hayden Glockner (4 years)
nice catch where was the place you got them

Author agelow (3 years)
@nuggetwetyou hey these are not cold water cichlids. the water is
permanently above 20 degrees because its next to a power station.

Author RUNNINGRIOT318 (2 years)
make more vids like this idk y but i rly liked this

Author fingerboarder329 (4 years)

Author AznReflex (3 years)

Author Alishia Powell (2 years)
I live in Victoria. Can you please tell me where this pond is? I have been
an cichlid enthusiast for over 20 years. I would LOVE to catch some. They
are gorgeous! I even got some of mine to mate, then my ex-husband put them
in cold water like a total moron. I could have killed him. lol

Author Adir Shwartz (3 years)
i dont like thet....cuz you pupile taek the fish from wehre the reali live
and destroy the nature

Author LoverDino (3 years)
fucking australia has EVERYTHING

Author TransistorZero (2 years)
That's money

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