Aoi Sekai No Chuushin De - Cap 1 Sub Español

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De capitulo 1 sub español

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Author SkulLord95 (5 months)
But I don't speak Mexican... :(

Author Kate Southerland (3 months)
What the heck did I just watch?

Author Fortino Valdez (4 months)
11:56 ME CAGO DE RISA!!!

Author Natsu fox (8 months)
the ending reminds me of sonic XD

Author EpicWaffleWEEGEE (8 months)
Anyone else click cuz of the thumbnail? Lol

Author Maria Long (8 months)

Author Janey Thompson (8 months)
Wtf am I watching....-.-

Author stack potato (8 months)
Ever get that moment where your just like wut?

Author symasticsl0vers (6 months)
wow that was .....well done on all parts :(

Author cesaralexis23 (6 months)

Author Maty Alfa (7 months)
a re sarpado xD

Author Laura Zaetz (5 months)
It sounds like Ichigo's voice actor, Masakazu Morita!

Author 오은석 (7 months)

Author 戴子翔 (5 months)

Author Grim Reminder (8 months)
9:15, Dat pose gets my attention every time o.o

Author Koyaanitsqatsi (3 months)
i know exactly why you're here. 13:42 here you go

Author Kazuto Kirigiya (6 months)
no english sub

Author Ozjasz Goldberg (8 months)

Author brendon veach (8 months)
i got here from a wario game

Author EDoc games (7 months)

Author Peque Montes (6 months)
Hey you should watch next Mario sex

Author Ngọc Nguyễn Khánh (5 months)

Author Gustavo Guzman (8 months)
this anime is chido knew it or not aora horn

Author Naomi Barrios (7 months)
Hentai's!! XD

Author Edward noi (7 months)
is that Natsu,s voice?

Author 斎藤佐智子 (3 months)

Author alejandro torres (6 months)
Can u do this in dub

Author Lunamarie (8 months)
13:42 :C shit was in my mouth! It was I tell u, it WAS!!!:O 

Author xX Amaggard Xx (6 months)
This looks really fucking awesome! I'm going to have to watch this in
English sub/dub sometime.

Author 吳冠宏 (5 months)
so Good

Author An Bui Man (8 months)
Bund cool

Author Mateo Lopez (7 months)

Author Shem Delim (8 months)
John is just a queer with a small penis probably fat too and lying about
his life every one say queer to this lying bastsard you are not worth
living on this earth you piece of shit

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Aio sekai

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are not fagoots so pleas watch your language because if you say does things
you a little kid imeture you are not sopped to have a girlfreand you a
bafoolagen so stop being a young 5 year old child

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Author SillyDragonDerpy (7 months)
I had no idea about perves watching this, i thought it wasjust another one
of those NORMAL anime videos but i guess its just all about perves wanting
rape and all that... life has changed:( ANYWAY why do ppl on here say 'oh i
hate like ALL of you for bieng perverts' but why are they on here watching
it too?? your probably perverts aswell like u uncildolun YOURE probably
just a mean pervert.

Author 戴子翔 (5 months)

Author YO MOMMA (8 months)

Author 斎藤佐智子 (3 months)

Author An Bui Man (8 months)

Author An Bui Man (8 months)
what the fuck 

Author 馥瑤古 (6 months)
It is good

Author Janely Ortiz (3 months)
Wait so this is about sex you know im 9 year old

Author Matuza Batista (3 months)

Author Vanessa Nicole (3 months)

Author Marie Momo (5 months)
It s all good

Author 김원양 (8 months)

Author عبد الفتاح بابكر بابكر (4 months)
That is good

Author kev p (8 months)
I Agree With The Dislikes, This Video is Horrible. O.O

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