Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker Video Tour

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, the largest and deepest cold war bunker open to the public in South East England.

Hidden in a wood off the A128 Ongar (now well sign-posted for the tourist trade), Brentwood Road, is a small bungalow well built which hides a three floored bunker complex 125 feet (38 m) underground, a long corridor leads down to a place in which 600 people would have been confined behind blast proof doors in the event of a nuclear war.

The bunker was originally built in 1952/3 by the construction firm Peter Lind & Company Ltd, as part of ROTOR, an urgent government building programme to improve Britain's air defence network and became the Sector Operations Command for the RAF Fighter Command with responsibility for the London Sector.

It subsequently became adopted as a potential 'regional government bunker' as the threat of nuclear war grew in the 1960s. The bunker was sold in the 1990s and is now a tourist attraction and film location.The bunker is currently owned and operated by the family who originally owned the land before the military moved in. It has a many historical items remaining intact including a BBC studio.

A souvenir shop in the original canteen sells items, including government literature produced for the public in the early 1980s.

The Owner Mike Parrish shows you around in this video tour.

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Author IKS Production Team (2 months)
fantastic video, this guy knows his stuff :) thanks for sharing

Author mike mcgonigle (6 months)
The bunker bungalow looks as much like a farm cottage as I do! Great place
to visit though.

Author Music EDM (6 months)
Thank you for a very interesting video about yr great bunker

Author Gothina1999HD (7 months)
I've been hear a few years ago, it was freaky!

Author Mirek Heikkila (10 months)
Awesome video.. i really like how informative this guy is!! very
interesting.. of course makes you wonder what classified stuff they have in
operation right now :)..

Author Nott John (1 year)
I went to this bunker a couple of years ago to have a look round. It's a
good way to kill and afternoon and very interesting!

Author richardpurves (1 year)
+KorGaraak They tell you which button to press on the handset you're given
at the start of the tour. It then tells you about the section you're

Author IKS Production Team (3 years)
nice video thanks :)

Author Gemma Hales (3 years)
Been here a couple of times, I do love it, it's got such a creepy feeling
when your inside but it's just so strange to think that it could've been
used and what if ? lol

Author snakeplissken83 (1 year)
Yeah, we'd have to turn gay.

Author 323157 (3 years)
Nice video, thanks for the tour- I take it this is currently a museum?

Author Seganaomi (1 year)
Director & son from the film S.N.U.B.

Author Matty112uk (1 year)
Fantastic video. Cheers. The Cold War and nuclear bunkers are fascinating.
Amazing that stations like this were still operational until 1994 in the
UK. Marauding gangs, murdering and raping in a nuclear dystopia is a
chilling thought. The 'Protect and Survive' civil defence films made the in
the 70's ask members of the public to help neighbours when the all clear
sounded. Of course they wouldn't though, it would have been every man for

Author RedJoe10 (3 years)
This is one of the best places I have ever been. If you haven't gone, go

Author Ambrose Ambrosia (3 years)
I will be visiting the bunker this Sunday coming (12Th Feb) with my hubby
and daughter. Really looking forward to it!

Author chloefreeman13 (3 years)
ive been here itsw so creepy walking through the 1st tunnel i would
recamend it to pepole

Author wizardtech1 (3 years)
I love how at the end it looks like fallout the game. At the beginning of
the game. When he walks out of the tunnel. I can only imagine how it would
have felt like to live in there. It must suck monkey balls to know that the
world got blown up.

Author Liam Smith (1 year)
I live real close to this place. Been there a few times now and still
creeps me the fuck out each time, it's just the 'old' felling of it. This
video makes it look a lot better than it is...

Author Amy Drewett (2 years)
me and my girlfreind went there today it was relly good and a bit creepy
loved it we walked in to were the type writers are and one stated typeing
we was spooked out a bit will def go again great place!!!

Author IBlackJackeNI (1 year)
"no birds" interesting...

Author tectorama (1 year)
I went on Thursday for the first time. Interesting place, and makes you
wonder what would have happened if the balloon had gone up. It's very
likely that law and order would have broken down very quickly, and
officials allocated jobs in the bunker, would have more than likely stayed
outside with their families. Three months in there and nothing to come out
to. Everything would have been contaminated, so no food or water. Maybe why
they had a stock of cyanide in the bunker ?

Author strangefire97 (3 years)
wait but if the home office radio room is out side of the blast doors so
they would not be safe form gangs trying to enter the bunker unless armed
guards were there and they would not be safe from other stuff and were the
blast door there to stop gangs from getting in or were there other reasons
and why are there bunk beds along the corridor because who ever sleeps
there is not safe

Author Seganaomi (3 years)
@HistoricDepths Check out the film SNUB for more on this.

Author ludocrat (1 year)
Gosh, I thought he was Michael Palin until the gentleman began to speak.

Author Seganaomi (3 years)
Yes, Google search for more.

Author KorGaraak (1 year)
What's with the "Adult Wands" signs?

Author fredintheshed1 (1 year)
I visited this when it first opened. It was amazing and a real eye opener.
They had aged walkmans with rechargeable batters around the place for the
audio tour. Primitive but was very good. Great place to go visit.

Author Graeme Raith (2 years)
Really good video, its only a 20 min drive for me and have visited quite a
few times. Thanks for the guided tour shown on this video.

Author Alex Kilgour (1 year)
"marauding gangs, murdering and raping". word.

Author Need2airsoft (2 years)
I have got to see this!!

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