Tecsun PL-660 vs Degen DE-1103

A simple test receiving an NDB signal un USB with Tecsun PL-660 and Degen DE-1103, indoor, about in the middle of the morning.

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Author poikaa3 (1 year)
TOP near Torino, Italy! Perhaps the DE-1103 is too close to the PL-660?
Both my rigs receive pretty much alike but my 1103 does pick up stray
noise. Also daytime for me is noy a good time for NDBs. One thing for sure
the PL-660 is quieter than the 1103 and same with mine! 73 Rod

Author Uender Marques (1 year)
Good evening friend I think the 2 very very good receivers as both
shortwave ssb, are receivers that are good for the price they are, I have
TECSUN PL 660 and PL 600 TECSUN receivers are great, I am Brazilian friend
a hug here Brazil's 73!

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