Minibike racing

Thijs alleen op zijn minibike (4jaar)

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Author wedontknowone1 ( ago)
Is he wearing wooden cloggs? ha what a badass

Author Sie Phanna (Sieways6) ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Ian Edmonds ( ago)

Author keegan doyle ( ago)
That's not racing

Author Noah Hogan ( ago)
That little kid is so cool on it!

Author KyleandTeaguesIMAGINARIUM ( ago)
Hes already got biker gang leathers

Author KyleandTeaguesIMAGINARIUM ( ago)
daaaamn REPSOL!

Author Bryan Rogiest ( ago)
veel plaats eefty ook niet eh voor te rijden. wa hebde daaraan?

Author Garrett Gaffka ( ago)

Author pookie brown ( ago)
Send me this one

Author lax259 ( ago)
Es un motor 2 tiempos o que es

Author Dragan Stankovic ( ago)

Author Olaf Munu ( ago)
is this gohstriders shon?

Author PRO “Swagie” LavA ( ago)
He was in his yard the whle time how could this be a race

Author Jose Martin Maya Gudino ( ago)

Author XxkamilxX XxkamilxX ( ago)

Author Johanna Cabrera ( ago)
Uguly and biring

Author peter adamsson ( ago)
where is the helmet?

Author Isaiah Bailey ( ago)
They said a race

Author Lucien Yolo ( ago)
Kloppen aan zoo hoort het 

Author Juan Hernandez ( ago)
Lmao in clocs?

Author Zynx x Illusion ( ago)
Bad idea 

Author Spike Spikus ( ago)
What a cool kid

Author ProductionsDuck ( ago)
Big child

Author Callum Clayton ( ago)
Where's the other competitors? I thought the title said race?? LOL

Author timpos546 ( ago)
Haha cute :)

Author POWERLESS Gamer ( ago)
I like your clogs

Author Jo Campbell ( ago)
lol cool bike

Author garret rees ( ago)

Author Karolina Cor ( ago)

Author world of morgan ( ago)
1 no helmet 2 those shos 3 red bull can on the side of it aand he is like 4
omg he has a nice childhood

Author Foxxtrott1100 ( ago)
That is awesome,,,

Author Rory Murphy ( ago)
and dont forget wooden shoes.. and sweet vest lol

Author 7Claire11 ( ago)
Nice to see that someone has a life going around "correcting" people. I
doubt your grammar will protect his head if he falls, but hey at least you
get to stay on your high horse. BTW. You missed a capital at the start of
the sentence and the full stop at the end. Just saying. So practice what
you preach.

Author Niels L ( ago)
nice to see the excellent level of English here

Author chaoskilla47 ( ago)
Nice ass pocket bike

Author Gyan Carlo Beldua ( ago)
uhmm so, where's the racing thingy?

Author Erick marins ( ago)
mlk rico ! kkkk

Author DENNIS22945 ( ago)
was sagen denn die nachbarn über denn krach

Author MrSKYLER4 ( ago)
Thats a very nice helmet.....

Author cribzorr ( ago)
haha mooie klompen

Author jordan09ful (1847 years ago)
[ Me 00:10 into the video] Wait a second..are those clogs?!?! xD

Author sevketcansever54 ( ago)
ey echt super man :D vet kicken op je 4de al zo'n ding kunnen rijden zou
destijds ook wel zo'n vader gehad willen hebben!

Author Deryl 99 ( ago)
nie ma to jak jazda koło basenu

Author rbjrpower401 ( ago)
wwwwttttttffff iis up with them shoes lmfao hahahahahaha

Author Balkanski Gameplay ( ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahhaha baby biker

Author arnaldo Caferri ( ago)
ma vai da unaltra parte con la minimoto e scusa no

Author Denniston Thompson ( ago)
Go on the road that bike is fast I can see that :p

Author GugicaDS gugica ( ago)
dobar nema sta :)

Author Schwarzwaldcruiser ( ago)
Voll cool der kleene mit lederkutte und Holzschuhen xD

Author charlie dipietro ( ago)
This kid is awesome. And really adoreable. He sucks? It's harder to ride
slow in such a small space than out in the open. But you're a moron that
don't know shit so why bother explaining to an ignoramous.

Author Daniël Geijsberts (1067 years ago)

Author lillarry flexin ( ago)
Everybody who posted a bad comment y'all haters and y'all now it none of
y'all have one so stop hating

Author jerky369 ( ago)
Try riding this early in the morning when I'm still sleeping... guaranteed
the Dutch dad get his ass kick.

Author pampermanneke ( ago)
Da is toch normaal bij jullie kutvolk? nee?

Author pampermanneke ( ago)
Ja het land van drugs...

Author Phil Reid ( ago)
CUTE tbh

Author joshua bishop ( ago)
poor mini bike its like a caged aniamal

Author XxBloodyxHackerxX ( ago)
So much space to ride it and where is the helmet

Author James Last ( ago)
dont worry kido you dont need a helmet just earmuffs

Author opituim231 ( ago)
Hey was pettin that kitty ...purrrrrr!

Author BIker ( ago)
bad idea

Author jimbo vermillion ( ago)
this went alot better then i thought

Author MarryJewana ( ago)
1000cc I heard thats gonna be Rossi's bike next season :/

Author Hlk 55 ( ago)
4 years old

Author jerem v ( ago)

Author Steven Sera ( ago)
I had a big wheel

Author Haryudha Trengginas ( ago)
Awesome boy, how old is he? :D

Author THEBLACKDAHLIA1234 ( ago)
I have that same bike. Except I look like a fucking clown riding it.

Author Kacper Szpitalny ( ago)
zajebiste :D!

Author kristian matkovic ( ago)
voor hoeveel heb je deze gehaald ?

Author ugo valdivia ( ago)
tat kid is lucky thumbs up

Author Gasper Mali ( ago)
no cuz hes got so awsome boots

Author ronoc931 ( ago)
That kids gonna be like - yea im a bad ass cuz i got a pocketbike lol

Author VegasTutorialsNL ( ago)
Zo grappig hé, oorbeschermertjes op en klompjes aan. :)

Author svendepro ( ago)
monster beats headset

Author mertcan yavuz ( ago)
OMG look his shoos! wtf xD

Author Eriks Boroda ( ago)
Hope next video is going to be him riding in toilet! CMN give him a space :)

Author Man Trabo ( ago)
oops , where is my teeth ? --"

Author Steve Barrett ( ago)
Next Casey Stoner? LOL!

Author KN .Korn ( ago)
you son rock.

Author Creatine Lifter ( ago)
wel ilegaal op de weg jammer genoeg

Author PizzaPie - Gaming channel ( ago)
Ik will ook all zo minibike kopen maar ze zijn heel duur

Author Delfinminibiker ( ago)

Author M Fc ( ago)
hahah mijn kleinzoon doet net zo gek ahahah hij zit al wel op zijn mini
bike maar mag nog niet zo als Thijs..ookal zou hij graag willen:)

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