Minibike racing

Thijs alleen op zijn minibike (4jaar)

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Author wedontknowone1 (6 months)
Is he wearing wooden cloggs? ha what a badass

Author keegan doyle (7 months)
That's not racing

Author timpos546 (10 months)
Haha cute :)

Author Lucien Yolo (9 months)
Kloppen aan zoo hoort het 

Author Olaf Munu (8 months)
is this gohstriders shon?

Author peter adamsson (9 months)
where is the helmet?

Author Ian Edmonds (7 months)

Author Sie Phanna (6 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author lax259 (8 months)
Es un motor 2 tiempos o que es

Author XxkamilxX XxkamilxX (8 months)

Author House of Blount (7 months)
daaaamn REPSOL!

Author Johanna Cabrera (9 months)
Uguly and biring

Author pookie brown (8 months)
Send me this one

Author Garrett Gaffka (8 months)

Author Callum Clayton (10 months)
Where's the other competitors? I thought the title said race?? LOL

Author Jose Martin Maya Gudino (8 months)

Author Isaiah Bailey (9 months)
They said a race

Author garret rees (10 months)

Author Dragan Stankovic (8 months)

Author Juan Hernandez (9 months)
Lmao in clocs?

Author House of Blount (7 months)
Hes already got biker gang leathers

Author Jo Campbell (10 months)
lol cool bike

Author ProductionsDuck (10 months)
Big child

Author Spike Spikus (10 months)
What a cool kid

Author Noah Hogan (7 months)
That little kid is so cool on it!

Author IQ Gaming (10 months)
I like your clogs

Author Bryan Rogiest (7 months)
veel plaats eefty ook niet eh voor te rijden. wa hebde daaraan?

Author Zynx x Illusion (9 months)
Bad idea 

Author Man Trabo (3 years)
oops , where is my teeth ? --"

Author Foxxtrott1100 (2 years)
That is awesome,,,

Author Phil Reid (2 years)
CUTE tbh

Author jimbo vermillion (2 years)
this went alot better then i thought

Author ByggyBurger (2 years)
bad idea

Author GugicaDS gugica (2 years)
dobar nema sta :)

Author Steven Sera (2 years)
I had a big wheel

Author jordan09ful (2 years)
[ Me 00:10 into the video] Wait a second..are those clogs?!?! xD

Author jerky369 (2 years)
Try riding this early in the morning when I'm still sleeping... guaranteed
the Dutch dad get his ass kick.

Author Haryudha Trengginas (2 years)
Awesome boy, how old is he? :D

Author Mr700pk (3 years)
Mooie minibike waar heb je hem gekocht ik wil hem ook hij is best mooi

Author arnaldo Caferri (2 years)
ma vai da unaltra parte con la minimoto e scusa no

Author ronoc931 (2 years)
That kids gonna be like - yea im a bad ass cuz i got a pocketbike lol

Author Karolina Cor (2 years)

Author Daniël Geijsberts (2 years)

Author Balkanski Gameplay (2 years)
hahahahahahahahahahahhaha baby biker

Author Kacper Szpitalny (2 years)
zajebiste :D!

Author James Last (2 years)
dont worry kido you dont need a helmet just earmuffs

Author THEBLACKDAHLIA1234 (2 years)
I have that same bike. Except I look like a fucking clown riding it.

Author chaoskilla47 (2 years)
Nice ass pocket bike

Author svendepro (2 years)
monster beats headset

Author Delfinminibiker (3 years)

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