Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery and Results on The Doctors TV Show with Dr. Ghavami (310) 275-1959
Dr. Ashkan Ghavami performs fat transfer buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills (also known as Brazilian Butt Lift) in what he calls the S-Curve Butt Lilft (R) to provide the patient with a more rounded and attractive buttocks, while eliminating excess fat from all over the body. The results trans form the entire body not just the buttocks! The S-Curve is Dr. Ashkan Ghavami's take on Brazilian Butt Lift and involves an analysis in addition to liposculpture as well as a whole body transformation that focuses on creating S Curves etc. Watch the video and other videos on our home page to learn more.

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Author Jessica Jaden (1 month)
When did cosmetic surgery become so acceptable? You do realize she just
risked her life for a fat booty? Any time you are going under anesthesia
you are risking your life and risking your health. Sad world we live in
that someone would actually go under knife as an elective procedure for
something are trivial as a larger bottom.

Author Anna MeJIa (1 month)
Well at least she has a butt now. I think it looks amazing. However, when
fat is removed, what about lose skin?

Author taraecrest (1 month)
This is for people who doesn't wanna work out :/

Author Ashkan Ghavami, MD (2 months)

Author dolceval1 (4 months)
Wow !!!!! Wow and wow!!! She look amazing ! Good job Dr. 

Author MasinaTai86 (5 months)
You can be an athletic (cone or ruler) shape and have a round butt.. or you
can have a defined waist and round hips and have a flat arse.. or.. you can
be one of those rare few that naturally have both but even then you might
have kankles lol.. but let's face it.. not many do from what I've seen.. so
I understand why this has become a popular surgery because women are trying
to attain something that just doesn't happen often and it's more likely to
happen if you're a certain race.. but even ppl in those races.. can
actually not even have hips or a butt!! it's just pure luck of the draw..
but it DOES get ridiculous when you've got celebrities and models for men's
magazines going too far so much it looks ridiculous!! lol.. I think
natural.. or at least 'appearing' to be natural is always the most classy
and beautiful. If you're going to do it then at least do realistic
proportions for your body frame. It looks reeeally stupid when a girl's got
skinny legs then this big badonkadonk lol. It's not right.. at least if
you're gonna fool everybody then do it right. Nicki Minaj is a prime
example of how much plastic surgery can change your body. I saw old
pictures and she had a flat butt.. she didn't even have a curvy shape
except for her boobs. 

Author Boulevardcreek (5 months)
Far out. A corset and more cardio/weights and healthy eating would have
done the same thing. People are crazy. 

Author xBl00dBrothersX (5 months)
Fuck genetics!!!

Author Victoria Schaffer (8 months)
She still looks boxy to me.

Author SAV PR (7 months)
She's happy and confident that's what matters. Plus she looks good.

Author fnkyfreshT (7 months)
Her boxy figure is due to bone structure and that can't change with
surgery. She will still be boxy but with less fat.

Author Thatstylist (7 months)
I think this was a nice subtle transformation being it was only done a few
weeks prior. Doctors can only do but so much being they're not the creator
of bodies.

Author Owen Nason (7 months)

Author AnaKaraniinya (8 months)
IF more people are sensitive of others' feelings and careful of their
hurtful words, we would be saving the whole world of low self esteem, and
if therefore we have low self esteem, we would be LESS inclined to actually
seek faults within ourselves, thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary
surgeries we need and learn to exercise and LOVE ourselves. 

Author Nelly C. (8 months)
A boxy figure with no butt and a boxy figure with a butt. Hmmmm, I'll take
the boxy figure with a butt.

Author U bySmiles (8 months)
She looks soo much better with the procedure but its definitely still
obvious that she has that box shape going on

Author Erin Salvemini (1 year)
Beyoncè Booty yay for her :)

Author lodiedodiee (9 months)
Dr curve puts ALOTV of fat in the butt so that the results are more
drastic.... im not trying to be funny but Caucasian drs have there idea of
what a big butt is and the result is still a flat butt but Dr curve...
being a black man know that you want your ass to make people say DAMN when
you walk past so he fills it up to the MAX

Author leonardo899 (1 year)
3:10 pasta sauce?

Author Passione Chick (1 year)
Ok troll.

Author TheInFamousNobodys (1 year)
I agree with the person BELOW YOUR WORK IS AMAZING DR !!

Author Erin Salvemini (1 year)
I definetely want to get this procedure done after I'm done having kids

Author dudeisboy (1 year)
now that is just nasty

Author ferre77 (11 months)
She looks better but her hips were still very flat. When she walked out I
didn't even see the difference till she turned around. Her butt looks
better but again her hips still look narrow. She should also think about
breast implants for balance and symmetry.

Author SoleyaVeloy (1 year)
This TV Show is very informative

Author ilikewow13 (1 year)
Not everybody is satisfied. I had a surgery and he disfigured my face. I
think he's greedy and doesn't care about his patients. This is not a
doctor, but a butcher.

Author Souad Y. (1 year)
really here in north America?

Author lodiedodiee (9 months)
Dr curve does it the best in Atlanta look him up

Author MsBrownprincess (1 year)
The butt is still flat should have got more fat in there

Author ilikewow13 (1 year)
Ah... Ignorance.

Author E3_Smasher inc (10 months)
now thats looks good mmmm mmm good

Author zay16babii (11 months)
How much is this surgery ? Because I want to get it and I really need it
before I start grad school

Author SoleyaVeloy (1 year)
I Don't Know the lady name but she is very smart

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