The WarZ Help - Weapon Spawn Locations!

The WarZ Help - Weapon Spawn Locations!

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Author MrEXoTeam (1 year)
Hacker :))

Author MrGabbe1200 (1 year)
yeah after i watched this video i got it my self "my bad"

Author Schwabeln (1 year)
where did u got ur weapon spawn hack,

Author Pascal Knoch (1 year)

Author UAreWhatULove (1 year)
lol NDA ^^

Author KervinsPlays (1 year)
Fucking hacker play this game normal ...

Author PARAz (1 year)
Anyone know where the blaser r93 spawns?

Author Paul Walker (1 year)
FUCK thanks for showing it at night!!

Author 10parkour10 (1 year)
I went exactly to the weapons locations and i didnt find any weapon, i
tried with 20 servers but nothing.. i playing this game for a week and i
didnt get any gun yet...pffffffffff

Author WarZHelp (1 year)
Sniper spawn has been nerfed so you might just be getting unlucky.

Author Pedro Vieira (1 year)
Still working man ? i tried to get 10 times in diferent servers, so still

Author John Doe (1 year)
still working? i got tons of Winchester ammo which spawns in the same lake
city behind the police station 100%... but i tried to get the sniper and
20/20 try it was gone. should i wake up early for it and do it during low
server traffic? also i can confirm that the restaurant pistol spawn is
still working!

Author zeninja5 (1 year)
Weapons spawn at random positions now.

Author zamorakianarmy (1 year)
MOAR videos please!!!

Author Chad Jefferson (1 year)
could never find sniper/shotgun there from like 10 server hops, did get to
kill a couple people though

Author combaT8686 (1 year)
99x9 ammo all the time. cheating pussy.

Author James Fisher (1 year)
I hate knowing this but it is the only way to turn the tide in this game.

Author soulis1000 (1 year)
Godd that you record in the light så one can see where the hell you are...

Author Akumos (1 year)
They didn't patch the sniper rifle? Wtf

Author Rembrandttt666 (1 year)
where i find ammo for the sniper ?

Author Charllie vs (1 year)
Check our my channel to see most type of guns in warz

Author XSlaY3erX1 (1 year)
did they fix the weapon spawns??????????????

Author Dominic Sanderson (1 year)
Hey, has this been fixed??

Author kevbam41 (1 year)
its really patched for the sniper? Ihave find 0 sniper since 1month 1/2!
thanks for this spot, im gonna try . help me to find just one :(

Author shrike137 (1 year)
they will not spawn teir now its all random. The static spawns have been

Author 360NoScope821 (1 year)
no it hasn't?

Author FaytSurreal (1 year)
is this still viable?

Author Mike Pt (1 year)
wtf, pistol with 99 bullets and 9 extra ammo ?

Author salvo laudani (1 year)

Author John Shepard (1 year)
Can you make a video about the new part of the map?

Author DirectXHD (1 year)
2:27 i found 2 snipers in one on this location :D

Author mitch (1 year)
I wish it was still this easy to get loot :/

Author aixem (1 year)
Yeah do 10% of the video on daytime and 90% is just pitch black ... please
redo a daylight video !

Author gookfolyfe (1 year)
thx man!!!

Author WarZHelp (1 year)
I will make a new video soon with more locations all in daylight. Thanks
for your suggestion.

Author John Doe (1 year)
yup they just patched it this morning ... Fixed an issue with items
spawning very frequently on the same location. same goes for pistol at the
restaurant and sniper ammo.... damn it..

Author GamerzTrap (1 year)
Could you PM me the source for that ammo?

Author arafnstefansson (1 year)
Nice video hope you make more soon becouse i was getting very desprete for

Author MegaEpicGamezz (1 year)
ah fuck i passed here earlier why didnt i look xD

Author Anime best (1 year)

Author StilgarGamesLive (1 year)
Hello, i have made tutorial how to start warz :) Thanks everyone for
subscribe, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

Author Markus FIN (1 year)
Yea they nerfed them all, now it's a pain in the ass to find one. :I

Author gen2face (1 year)
u should be careful with alpha videos... its not allowed.. u can get banned
and getting big problems with the developers..

Author MrStephen120 (1 year)

Author BryanJWatson (1 year)
This has been patched, so I don't think any of these spots are relevant

Author Niko Pesola (1 year)
No snipers in that location, only hats and water, food, medicine, etc. so
that spot is bloody useless

Author beesnipes (1 year)
Subscribed. Fuck yeah mate, keep the vids coming!

Author Anonimni uporabnik (1 year)
All who say that doesnt work are wrong...

Author PlayWithBros (1 year)
hes not a hacker he got 99 shots for his "fists" because it was a bug you
bloody greenhorn

Author Tomas Barzelatto (1 year)
hey u got facebook or skype so we play some war z mate?

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