Gmod AIRCRAFT Plane flying Mod! (Garry's Mod)

BethanyFrye and I are in Gmod and we play with the Aircraft Mod! This mod includes lots of Planes, Helicopters and other sorts of flying objects! Watch as we soar through the sky using all kinds of strange planes!

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Aircraft Mod:

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Music: Matt McFarland

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Author SingSong Gaming (2 months)
So Gregory's Australian now?

Author Michael Rehmert (2 months)
I was looking for some planes and a good map. DIS IS DA STUFF I WAZ LOOKING

Author Ashley Brumm (1 month)
The helicopter didn't float cause u were not balancing the weight of the

Author Insanity Girlz (3 months)
Question what is the game called??

Author Wilson Maxena (2 months)
Rescue team
Of Bethany

Author Sig Lara (7 days)
I have just mastered flying WAC aircraft oplanes

Author Kalob Michael (1 month)
STUPID PLAINS LOL!!!!!!!!!:);)

Author Isaac lykins (2 months)
Hey venturian I just wanted to say thanks for leaving the mods in the
description I use them all the time for my gmod you are awsome you tuber 

Author Matthew BPbuds (2 months)
Use the mouse to pull up.

Author Esteban Gomez (4 months)
ha amizng i like it but how did you die so funny hahahahahahahaha

Author Milo Avila (13 hours)
Both of them are the best pilot

Author angrytyrone (1 month)
battle fields way better

Author Eion B Plays xbox (24 days)
You are better at failing than you are at flying.

Author Gisela Aviles (27 days)
You did better

Author aiden scheller (1 month)
plus im getting sort of mad that evey one in the comments make war like
really lots of people are calling names every one makes mastakes but just
dont make fun of them plese .......(A message from aiden scheller)

Author Epic fail montoges (1 month)
Can you do a skate 3 mod

Author Van Sinn (13 days)
fauck ya driving test

Author Gabrielle D. (2 months)
you know thare is a train mod

Author E Serrano (1 month)

Author Malique Massey (13 days)
lol! this video is the best my favorite characters is Venturian and

Author The Fun Gang (6 days)
They stall because there not fighter jet only fighter jets can do that

Author barrie hawkins (2 months)
venturianTale is the beast

Author Tharon Powell (26 days)

Author THE Freddy Fazbear (2 months)
Bethanysounds like immortalKyodai

Author Jeannie Malerich (5 days)

Author Lisa Irish (6 days)

Author landen burke (1 month)
both venturian sorry bethany. do a avengers mod

Author Adriana plima (1 month)
I like gmod!

Author Gage Vincent (1 month)
Call the container vincent fire killer

Author Regina Oliney (28 days)
She is a stunt devil

Author Chris Lukens (2 months)

Author Emily Karatay (2 months)

Author Adam Mayhew (1 month)
how do you play gmod

Author Alex Arbis (24 days)
Bermuda triangle... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!

Author Mark Fletcher (29 days)
venturian is the best piolet 

Author Keith Roteliuk (2 months)
on min i ment main

Author Manda Detrick (1 month)

Author Mark Keich (1 month)
venturian just curios but is imortall your girlfriend and how dose Bethany
and homeless both not gingers because the are bother and sister arnt they

Author donjr04 (3 months)
I can't fly so they won if they were going agenst everyone.

Author kyle whittley (1 month)

Author Rob Blanch (2 months)
there is a game called crashnburn

Author simba lover (2 months)
Benthy said lets go bomb em ahhhhh venturian says im smoking im going down

Author Chris O'Neal (29 days)
I think bethiney is a better flyer

Author Lucas Walden (2 months)
Why did she fly it into the water 

Author Blood Dragon (14 days)
((Gregory from the cardboard friend video??))
((*le gasp*))

Author Juan Ramirez (1 month)
An Venturian tale wins

Author Christian Cumberbatch (1 month)

Author Joshua Fetters (1 month)
Hey Venturian, i was wondering if you guys could do a hide the cash money
on the five nights at freddy's 2 map

Author Inga Vizgaudyte (5 months)
How do you buy gmod because I can't :(
And I love your games

Author Lloyd & Andrea Ever-Changing (2 months)

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