Gmod AIRCRAFT Plane flying Mod! (Garry's Mod)

BethanyFrye and I are in Gmod and we play with the Aircraft Mod! This mod includes lots of Planes, Helicopters and other sorts of flying objects! Watch as we soar through the sky using all kinds of strange planes!

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Aircraft Mod:

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Music: Matt McFarland

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Runtime: 20:44
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Author radoslav georgiev (15 hours)
i hope Gurtrude is not here

Author xXSPACEWINGXx (1 month)
I have a question, HOW do you go into third person in the aircraft? I have
pressed every button on the keyboard and I can't go in third person!

Author Joshua Siew (1 month)
does boxing gloves are lanterns

Author Killer Jay (1 month)
lol they suck at flying the planes i had the mod and i got it down in less
than 3 minutes it aint hard

Author Brandon Reynolds (1 month)
wut server do you guys play on? i wanna play with you

Author Sean Telintelo (2 months)
how do you start the plane

Author CarzFan21 (2 months)
@bog hog they do not know much about planes

Author Erica Martins (1 month)
What map is this?

Author Michael Lucero (1 day)

Author Jennifer Taylor (2 days)

Author Aidan Gamer (3 days)
Hi guys i just started a new gaming channel and i make Gmod Machinimas and
play games with people I also play CS:GO and PAYDAY (Sorry for
advertisement i just want to grow)

Author DLsGameGuides (4 days)
venturian is a better pilot by far

Author Benjamen Matthews (4 days)
I am coming/ How many times did she say that?! XD

Author jacob hitchcock (4 days)
ima goomba and... i want to die

Author Great yusuf (4 days)
We want Sally

Author God Clock (5 months)
*Insert bold letters here*

Author Lil Shorty (5 days)
Even you Cole

Author Landen Olack (7 days)
Can you please make some more helicopter mods

Author Arlojmikk Minecraft (11 days)
You were smoking? :)

Author Devin Henson (12 days)
How do u get these mods to use for your videos. U also have a good group of
friend's Venturian.

Author Hailea Velez (13 days)
It is not Luke that I Like it troll

Author FamousGumdrop (5 months)
My dog is a better pilot

Author Ethan Baltz (15 days)
I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen.

Author Henry .D (17 days)
No its not

Author Janene Isles (18 days)

Author Deanna Vasquez (19 days)

Author TheRealmaty71 (20 days)

Author Dylan Toney (21 day)
isacc is a troll

Author Jacob Sturkie (21 day)
what about jibby

Author BLCoates1 (4 months)

Author LovieDovie2106 (24 days)
Air plane

Author Cam Johnson (25 days)
The helicopter you were riding off the island looks like Blackout from

Author karateguyx (3 months)
Do Venturian and BethanyFrye have a relationship or something???

Author Bob Jones (29 days)
ok now im very confused planes are way to easy for me to drive its
accaultly quit easy so i cant tell if you r really that bad at flying or
you are just faking it to get more views

Author Bman McMillen (29 days)

Author Rhyne Gray (4 months)
I got the mod, but i have no idea how to start the plane!!! please help :/

Author D.N.A. Cat (1 month)

Author Eren Jaeger (4 months)
How do you see yourself in thirdperson in the plane? I bound my keys to the
stuff and it did switch to thirdperson but it wasnt like i was able to see
myself in the plane. It was like i was in the stomach of my player model
and i couldnt see the exterior of the plane. Its too hard to fly it im
first person.

Author steve mcminer (1 month)
(`_`) meet mohhamed
(ps did this to troll everybody pls dont kill me)

Author skunky the skunk skunk 4 ever (1 month)
you could just stick that plane from the helicopter mod thingy to make it
work lol

Author Sketch (1 month)

Author Brayden Barton (1 month)

Author Jake Owens (1 month)
Venturain I live your friend you made on they iland

Author MIhail Borisov (1 month)
make drmat tardis mod

Author TalesAdventurers (1 month)
Heelys mod

Author Tyler and Jen Thomas (1 month)
cool intro man i got an idea get a plickan and rope a lot of random stuff
on it

Author bog hog (5 months)
All i have to say here is...
Vented my frustration

Author Slenderman Slendy (1 month)
change seats in the plane by pressing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 0

Author Mike garrett (1 month)
Even is

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